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World’s Craziest Wedding Traditions – Part 2 (The West)

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Jayne Gorman

Now that you’ve seen how the APAC region does weddings weird, let’s take a look at the West! You didn’t think places like Germany, Cuba or Sweden didn’t have their own touch of weirdness, did you?..

Czech Republic – Oh Baby Baby

In The Czech Republic, a couple about to be wed might come home and find someone’s else baby in their bed. The infant is placed on the couple’s bed in order to bless it and thus increase the couple’s chances of having their own once the wedding is over. They may also have rice, peas and lentils hurled at them after the ceremony in a bid to promote fertility.

Russia – Takes The Cake

This Russian wedding tradition literally takes the cake! If you’re a newlywed in Russia it’s tradition to share a sweetbread called Karavaya, which both the bride and groom take a big bite into. Whoever takes the biggest bite is considered the head of the family and gets to wear the trousers from this day onwards.

Cuba – Cash Donations Only

If you thought your friends gift list was a little cheeky you should try attending a wedding in Cuba. It’s customary in Cuba for every male guest who dances with the bride to pin cold, hard cash onto her dress to help pay for the wedding and honeymoon. It must be the only place in the world the bride’s dress is worth more AFTER she’s worn it.

Venezuela – Bride & Seek

At a Venezuelan wedding you might end up playing peek-a-boo with the bride and groom as it’s considered good luck for the couple if they can sneak off without anyone noticing. If you’re a master at hide and seek you’ll be in for some good fortune too as it’s considered good luck if you’re the guest who spots them leaving.

Sweden – You May All Kiss The Bride & Groom

There is a cheeky custom in Sweden that gives all the girls at the wedding permission to kiss the groom whenever the bride pops to the toilet. Likewise, any brave guys can dive in for a kiss from the bride whenever her new groom leaves the reception.

Germany – Those Who Chop Together…

In Germany, the first test of the newlyweds teamwork is the challenge of sawing a block of wood in half whilst everyone at the wedding stares at them. Guess it’s good practise for all those Ikea flat packs that lay ahead in the marriage.

Across Europe – The Curious Case Of The Bride-Nappers

In countries across Europe it’s not uncommon for brides to go missing in the lead up to their wedding. (Got to keep Sherlock busy!) In Romania, the groom will often be asked to pay a ransom (either booze, money or romantic gestures) in order to rescue the bride who may be kidnapped by friends, family or even hired muscle. In Wales, there is a little less mystery as it falls down to the best man to run away with the bride, often to the nearest pub where the groom has to pick up the tab if/when he finds them.

We’ve hoped you enjoyed the amazing (albeit whacky) facts. Remember, it’s not a good wedding unless someone cries (for a month) or hacks wood, goes missing, bath your feet in milk & honey…you get the picture ;-)

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Ellie Kate

Jayne Gorman is a freelance travel writer and award-winning travel blogger who blogged her way around 40 countries before her 30th birthday. Now Sydney-based you’ll often find her sniffing out the latest street art and sweet treats around the city.