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Hong Kong’s Wine and Dine Festival Goes Virtual

After the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival got cancelled in 2019 due to ongoing social unrest, people were excited for it to resume in 2020. However, as the year has shown, 2020 just isn’t going as planned and neither is the Wine & Dine Festival. Given how this is one of the city’s most anticipated annual events, for the first time in its history, the festival will take place virtually. 

The positive to come from this is that the festival will now be extended to a few weeks rather than just a three-day event. An online platform will be created to host all the events and programming for the festival, from a virtual market place to workshops to tastings. All industry experts will be participating – food critics, chefs, sommeliers, the list goes on.  With no restrictions physically, it’s possible for Wine & Dine to be taken to new levels or even going global – great for our friends around the world!

The Hong Kong Tourism Board will announce more details on this exciting new format in the coming future. We’ll definitely keep our eye out on what’s planned so stay tuned for more updates on this from us