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Where Does Valentine’s Day Come From?

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Whether you hate it, love it, or don’t care for it, Valentine’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays across the world. However, not many know the origin story behind the holiday – a real Saint Valentine. 

Although the exact origin story remains muddled, Valentine’s Day is widely believed to derive from martyred Saints named Valentine or Valentinus in Victorian times. One of the stories (which, we have to say, is our favourite) contends that Saint Valentine was a priest who helped young couples perform marriages in secret when it was outlawed. 

Another, more popular legend claims that Valentine was imprisoned, and during this time would write letters to his love, a young girl, who often visited him throughout his imprisonment. He would sign these letters with “From Your Valentine” – a sign off that is still very popular to this day. 

Whatever legend you would like to believe, they all encircle the theme of romance and love – aptly naming one of the most beloved (pun-intended) holidays today, Valentine’s Day.  

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