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What To Do In Hong Kong Over Chinese New Year

For those of us that aren’t still exhausted and in recovery mode from welcoming the new decade, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and is a holiday to celebrate and remember. Known to be a family-oriented affair, this is the perfect time of year to get together and wish luck, fortune, and health upon your loved ones.

Far from family? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Chinese New Year isn’t just about family; it’s about honouring culture, spreading love and luck, and preparing for new times ahead. What better way to do all of the above than to visit the Lam Tsuen Well Wishing Tree and make some wishes for yourself, your loved ones, or really, anything! To test your luck, you can also head over to the Sha Tin Racecourse and bet on your favourites to win the annual Chinese New Year Cup.

Chinese New Year isn’t complete without a trip to the infamous Hong Kong flower market, where you can buy a whole lot more than just flowers. Snacks, lucky foods, and traditional Chinese décor are all available at the market, where you can experience Chinese New Year the local way. Further, in true Hong Kong fashion, Chinese New Year is also an excuse to watch a spectacular fireworks show over the luminous Victoria Harbour.

As amazing as these events all are, Chinese New Year also represents much more than celebrations and loud crowds. What happens behind the scenes, within the comfort of home, is a lot of preparation and superstition that may shock some that are unfamiliar. It is commonly believed that one should not wash their hair on the first day of the New Year, in fear of washing away the good luck and fortune. Parents also often give their children red packets the night before, in which they have to place under their pillow as they rest.

No matter what you choose to do this New Year, just be sure to give your thanks and wishes to your loved ones. That, is how you truly celebrate Chinese New Year.