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A Veg Revolution

Gone are the days of archaic cooking limiting us to done-before ingredients and familiar flavours. The new normal is here – flavoursome, nutritious plant-based cuisine that is great for our health, our planet and, of course, our taste buds. No compromises, no sacrifices. 

Until recently, finding restaurants that curated delicious, innovative dishes that served a higher purpose was near impossible. However, we are witnessing a revolution that is leading us to a whole new world of vibrant tastes and culinary expertise.  

Not one to accept traditional norms (especially when it comes to our love of food), we set out to break down these barriers and create mouth-watering flavours using wholesome ingredients. Beginning with our CEO’s own passion for vegetarianism, we found resounding success in our vegan restaurant in Sydney, Alibi, and vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong, Veda. But this was just the beginning. Last year we set to push the boundary even further by turning all restaurants in Ovolo Hotels fully vegetarian for 365 days; aptly denominated as the Year of the Veg. 

A project loved and welcomed by our guests, it is no surprise to see many other industry leaders following the same path, including one of the world’s most awarded restaurants, Eleven Madison Park. The restaurant, holding three Michelin stars, recently turned 100% plant-based, with Chef-owner Daniel Humm commenting that the shift was inspired by a desire to forge a more sustainable footprint and strengthen the team’s creativity and bonds with local farmers.  

With the benefits being endless, we are just scratching the surface of what’s to come. A long-awaited shift, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the greatest food revolution to date