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Van Gogh Exhibition

Van Gogh – Whether you’re an art enthusiast, or have no art interests whatsoever, this is a name you’ve heard growing up, and will be a name that is remembered for years to come. For the first time ever in Hong Kong, we have an amazing opportunity to explore Van Gogh’s journey as he created some of his timeless masterpieces. More than 3000 images will be projected and moving on every surface including walls, columns, ceilings and even floors. Different musical compositions will be matched with the show for you to feel Van Gogh’s emotion. Remember – this is NOT a silent art gallery.


In addition to live images, the exhibition will have a bedroom made exactly like Van Gogh’s piece “The Bedroom.” The brushwork and colour are exactly like the original, it’s meticulous. That’s not    all – the exhibition will feature a painting classroom that can transform you into an artist. All you have to do is pick up a pen and start your own masterpiece.


Van Gogh Alive is nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s different, interactive, and out of the box. The exhibition also gives you the opportunity to take home something special (hint: Van Gogh’s ‘ear’). We recommend visiting the exhibition during the weekends or public holidays, so you can grab a bite of their limited-edition food. They’re all Ovolo approved!