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Unique Hen Party Ideas

As you and the bridal party prepare for the big day, a proper hen party is one of the most precious bonding moments for the soon-to-be newlywed to connect with her lifelong friends and family. Planning a memorable hen party with the perfect blend of laughter, surprises and mother-in-law friendly activities can be utterly stressful. To spice things up, we’ve compiled a list of unique hen party ideas that offer a creatives alternative to your standard hen night bar crawl.

Whether you’re the bride-to-be, hoping to discover an off-the-beaten-track bachelorette activity; the mother of the bride, searching for fun party idea that nan can also enjoy; or the maid of honour, planning the ultimate bridal bash that will go down in history, our comprehensive list of unique hen party ideas will be your bridal bible.


Pasta Making Hens Workshop:

Grab the girls, thrown on a festive apron and tie your hair back as you prepare to get down and dirty for a tasty hens party workshop! An afternoon pasta making class is the perfect activity to kick off bridal party festivities, especially when wine tasting is also involved.

Not only will you learn the age-old craft of pasta making, passed down from generations of Italian women, but you’ll also have the perfect opportunity to chat, giggle and snap photos with your gals. We promise your nan and mother-in-law will both enjoy getting their hands dirty too!

We love the new offering at Mister Percy, a charming neighbourhood wine bar in Sydney, for “Rose and Ravioli” classes, where you can master the craft of stuffed pasta while sipping on a wide array of renowned roses. It’s the perfect pre-party activity before a night out on the town!


Vegan High Tea Hens Party:

Searching for afternoon tea with a twist? Invite your bridal party to a magical high tea get-together that feels truly one-of-a-kind. While traditional high tea is offered across the nation at renowned dining establishments, why not delight your group with a bold offering: vegan high tea.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to be vegan to enjoy this plant-based spin. Savour the free-flowing bubbly, coffee and tea while you and the bridal party embark on a tastebud journey, experimenting with bold twists on teatime classics.

Not only will you enjoy the leisure time for bonding and recounting old stories, but you all will also share the opportunity of a new culinary experience. Explore the tantalizing sweet and savoury bites offered at Alibi Bar and Kitchen, which additionally offers up highly-instagramable décor for your hens party!


Cheers to a tasty vegan high tea hens party at Alibi Bar & Kitchen! Photo by @samibloom


Costume Party Lunch:

Who doesn’t love to play dress up? Whether it be a murder mystery party, a roarin’ twenties feast, or Marie Antoinette high tea, rent out a private room in an exotic restaurant and invite your gals to don festive attire!

Throw in photo props and plenty of hens night party games to your amazing themed meal, and you’ll find it easy to break the ice and get everyone involved in the hen party. You can discover plenty of non-traditional hen party games, like murder mystery or a DIY escape room challenge, that can help you choose the theme of your costume get-together.

Or you can work in reverse by finding a unique restaurant and creating a concept around their fun, frisky décor. Looking for inspiration? Check out the Brisbane’s exotic ZA ZA TA Bar and Kitchen, which offers up five different themed rooms for private parties!

 The Library room at ZA ZA TA Bar and Kitchen is the perfect space for a themed murder mystery party!


Cocktail-Making Class for Hens:

For many, drinking during a hens party is a no brainer. But we nonetheless invite you to think a little outside the box beyond a hens pub crawl. Instead of crawling from pub to club, why touch base with the bride’s all-time-favourite bar and request a private cocktail-making class?!

We recommend requesting the class on a Saturday afternoon before the bar gets too busy, so that you’ll have plenty of one-on-one time mastering the cocktail shaking craft while chit-chatting with the entire bridal party. Oftentimes, the establishment is even willing to whip up a custom signature cocktail named after the bride-to-be! You can also add a few funky mocktails to appeal to those in the bridal party that aren’t imbibing.

Get ready to get shaken and stirred up with a private cocktail making class for your hens night! Photo by Pandora Photography.


Salsa Dancing Hens Class

Are you ready for the ultimate hens night dinner and show? After a delightful dinner, get your girls moving and grooving with arguably the most classy hens night idea, a festive dance class in the evening. Throw on your most dramatic dancing dress and watch it swirl and twirl as you learn the rhythms of salsa dancing. Organize 1940’s makeovers and then strut your stuff into a swing dancing class. Whatever steps you choose, know that the main goal of a hens party dance class is to laugh, have fun and get moving- no expertise is required!

Signing up for a formal dance class is a fabulous alternative for those wanting to avoid a traditional clubbing environment. Lean into twists and turns of learning new move, throw in a fun costume theme, and prepare yourself to a memorable hens night!  Plus you can plan it perfectly around.

Spice up the night with a zesty dance class to get your hens moving and shaking! Photo by Confetti

As you continue planning the ultimate hens party celebration, we encourage you to settle for nothing less than a wild, creative and colourful experience that gets the whole bridal party involved! Learn a new skill, like making pasta or swing dancing; share a new gastronomical experience, like vegan high tea; or dress up for your very own murder mystery meal.