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5 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a 5-Star Hotel Room

Turn Your Bedroom into a 5-Star Hotel Room

There are only a few things more luxurious than staying in a 5-star hotel suite. The crisp white sheets, the dreamy comfortable hotel style pillows and divine-smelling mini toiletries are all part of the experience of luxing it up when you’re on holiday. But just because you haven’t got a 5-star trip booked anytime soon doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some hotel suite indulgence at home. Here are five ways to give your bedroom a luxurious makeover worthy of a five star hotel.

Make your room smell like a hotel suite

Scent is one of the easiest ways to evoke a sense of hotel room luxury. There’s a reason we splash out on expensive perfumes or lather our hair in divine-smelling toiletries. To make your bedroom smell luxurious, get yourself an essential oil diffuser. Unlike burning tealight candles with essential oils or wax melts, diffusers don’t pose any fire hazard, so you can enjoy beautiful smells without worrying if you forgot to blow out the candle before you go to bed.

When deciding on an aromatherapy diffuser, choose one with neutral colours like white and tan, rather than bright colours, to keep in with a luxe-looking aesthetic, and choose good-quality essential oils.

An even more budget-friendly option is to buy reed diffusers. Not only do they add a beautiful scent to any room, but they look elegant and don’t take up too much space.

Make your room look like a hotel suite

Ever been to a 5-star hotel suite to find clutter, shoes and clothes all over the floor? Me neither. One sure-fire way to evoke a sense of space and cleanliness synonymous with a luxury hotel room is to utilise clever storage. Buy plastic tubs with lids so that you can store any items that you don’t use day-to-day under your bed to keep them out of sight, and utilise bedside tables with drawers for extra storage.

When it comes to storing clothes, ditch the flimsy wire and plastic coat hangers and buy some nice good-quality velvet or wooden coat hangers to hang your clothes on – not only does it add another touch of luxury, but they’ll also help prevent your clothes slipping off and getting damaged or crumpled.

You could also opt to buy a hanging shoe rack to place in your wardrobe to keep shoes out of sight.

Introduce some hotel room glamour

Walk into any nice hotel room and you’ll usually find a beautiful piece of statement artwork hanging on the wall somewhere. If you want to mimic the style of boutique hotel suites, consider purchasing some city-themed art. For instance, if you live in Sydney (or just love the sparkling harbour city) consider hanging up a photo of the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge or an aerial shot of Bondi Beach to really make you feel you’re staying in a luxe Sydney hotel suite.

Get your piece of art in a nice frame and voila – an easy way to give your bedroom the hotel room treatment. 

Get a great night’s sleep – hotel suite style

One of the best things about staying in a luxury hotel suite is that they don’t usually skimp on pillow quality. Whether you love a firm memory foam pillow to rest your head on, or prefer a cloud-like softness, having a high-quality hotel style pillow can be a really easy way to add some extra comfort to your bedroom (and help improve your sleep!)

Still need convincing to get a new pillow? You should be replacing your pillow every 12 months to avoid them becoming lumpy, and because they are magnets for bacteria. So if it’s been a while between new pillows, consider this the nudge you need to treat yourself to a good quality one. Your head spends a lot of time on your pillow after all.

Got your good-quality hotel style pillows? Now it’s time to get some hotel-style bedding and luxury pillow cases to add that final touch of opulence. Opt for good quality materials like silk. This can also help keep your hair healthy and detangled as you sleep, as well as keep your skin cooler while you sleep (as opposed to cheap synthetic materials).

Invest in some smart lights for some hotel room ambience

Good lighting can be the difference between light and airy, or dark and dreary. To avoid the latter and to give your room a light, bright boost worthy of a hotel suite, invest in some smart lighting. Whether it’s a dimmable lamp for your bedside table, or some smart bulbs that you can turn on and off with the press of a button through an app, smart lighting means you can turn off the lights without having to leave your bed – and what could be more luxurious than that. 

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Kate Reynolds is a travel and technology writer who is at her happiest when there’s haloumi on the brunch menu and a dog to give pats to. She writes about all things tech over at where she also makes dorky TikTok videos.