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Top 5 Fitness / Nutrition Myths

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Lauren Anderson – The Travel Guru

1 – Running will help you lose weight

Most people believe that when trying to lose a few pounds the best type of exercise is running, however, this is totally false. Running long distances increases your cortisol (stress hormone) which alerts the body and causes it to retain fat. When trying to lose weight, resistance training is the most effective approach.

2 – Cereal is a good choice for breakfast


Most people believe that having a good cereal for your morning brekkie is the best way to start your day. However this is totally false. Cereals contain a high amount of sugar which will increase insulin and cause you to feel sleepy.

3 – Doing crunches and ab exercises will burn belly fat


We have all at some point included crunches and abdominal exercises within our programme with the hope that we will get 6 pac abs. However, this is totally a waste of time. Instead the key to successful abs is in the foods that you eat.

4 – Choose fat free


Fat has been given a bad name in recent times particularly by the media for being a reason that makes us fat. Therefore food companies market their foods with ‘low fat signs’ however the real cause of obesity is a persons sugar intake. Low fat options are packed with sugar and are not a good choice.

5 – Resistance training will make women bulky


Many women believe that if you lift weights it will make them look like a bodybuilder, this is far from the truth. Resistance exercise is a great way to become much stronger and toned and also help improve your insulin sensitivity.

Lauren Anderson bioLauren is an Aussie expat who has been in Hong Kong for 3 years working in the travel industry. Apart from travelling the world, Lauren enjoys keeping fit and active and exploring Hong Kongs outdoors, cooking, reading and bad reality TV.