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Top 10 things to do for your upcoming trip

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Lauren Anderson – The Travel Guru

With our busy jet setting lives in Hong Kong, it’s easy to dread flying considering that most people travel on average twice per month. A lot of my experiences with helping book trips for people over the years is that travel can be a stressful experience, so there are a few ways that I always suggest to make your trip enjoyable from the minute you clock off work for your much needed break!


1. Book in advance – don’t leave it til the last minute! This goes for actually booking your trip (it’s generally cheaper to book in advance and availability it better, so you have more choice) and also down to speicifics like booking your seat and requesting a meal. If you do these things within 24 hours, airlines don’t guarantee your requests and it can end up with you being a) hungry for the whole flight if you have special requirements and b) in a terrible seat or separated from your travel companions.

2. Study the destination you are travelling to! Download Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor on your smartphone and read up on the do’s and don’ts of the destination you are travelling to.

3. Learn a few standard phrases – Lonely Planet Fast Talk phrasebook is one of my faves!

4. Create a Pinterest board before you leave for inspiration of what to see and do when you are at your destination – this way you can plan your days ahead and try to be as organized as possible. Plus it’s instant photo inspiration for those iconic happy snaps!

5. While on the plane: MOVIE MARATHON! I always go onto the airline’s website before I depart to see which movies are playing so I can plan what I want to watch. A glass of wine and a class movie is the perfect way to unwind.

6. Bring your own music – one thing I find is that music onboard is always hit and miss so I always make sure my favourite playlist is ready to go before I board the plane.

7. Request a window seat and enjoy the scenery especially as you take off or land from HK! I love seeing our beautiful city from above, there is nothing more spectacular than landing into HK when the sun is setting and the sky is clear.

8. If sleep is on the agenda, bring your own eye mask and neck pillow so you can block out the light and have a comfy sleep. Noise cancelling headphones, while pricey, are a good investment if you travel often. Bose do a great pair, although they aren’t the cheapest option!

9. If you’re travelling solo, why not make friends with the person next to you? Who knows where they are from and where they are going, you could meet your future husband or wife!

10. ENJOY THE BEGINNING OF YOUR HOLIDAY! Planning a holiday can be stressful and life in HK is busy, my favourite part of my holiday is getting on the plane, taking my shoes off and relaxing for a few hours without my phone ringing or emails popping up. BON VOYAGE!

Lauren Anderson

Lauren is an Aussie expat who has been in Hong Kong for 3 years working in the travel industry. Apart from travelling the world, Lauren enjoys keeping fit and active and exploring Hong Kongs outdoors, cooking, reading and bad reality TV.