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Things We Bet You Never Knew About: David Bowie

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Rock stars, Pop divas and just plain all-around music legends. You love them, you idolise them. You probably even named your first born after some of them (let’s hope not Meatloaf?) but how well do you actually know them? The 80s in particular gave birth to some of the most recognisable musicians/bands the 20th century ever saw. Think we’re kidding? Go on, just google “Highest selling records in history” and you’ll see. The music, clothes and personalities of the 80’s were epic, but so were the musicians behind it all!

Take David Bowie for example. Did you ever think one of his eyes looked a bit “off”? Or wondered where he got his musical inspiration or even energy from (hint: drugs)? Here’s a few things we bet you never knew about good ol’ Ziggy Stardust:

1.He Suffered from Permanent Pupil Dilation


It’s the age-old story: Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy’s friend also likes girl so punches boy in face and permanently damages his eye…Wait, what? Yep, when Bowie was a teen, his mate at the time George Underwood punched Bowie so hard in the left eye it caused his eyesight to permanently dilate! So no…Bowie wasn’t just pleasantly surprised to see you. He probably thought you were just huge from the left!

2.Little Richard Was His Role Model!


Yep, that slack-jawed caricature that personified 50’s pop and how wayyyyyy to much products can make one’s hair bit…shall we say…greasy? Yep, that’s Little Richard. Bowie event went on record to say he wanted to be him!

3.He Almost Starred in a Movie about Killing Hitler!


The 1976 film, The Eagle Has Landed, was originally meant to star Bowie and Michael Caine! But due to some film studio differences, Bowie’s role ended up going to Robert Duvall. You can just see it can’t you, Bowie in full Ziggy Stardust regalia whipping Nazi a**!

4.Space Oddity MADE his career

In 1969, the BBC decided to play Space Oddity during the Moon Landing (yep, that one!). And so, Bowie as we know was born. Consequently, so was the kooky maniac Ziggy Stardust.

5.He Refused to Ever Drink Tea


Without ever really explaining himself, Bowie hated tea. And refused to ever drink the stuff. Seriously, who but Bowie could say no to a warm cup of Earl Grey?

6.He Had an Affair with Susan Sarandon!


It was the 80’s Bowie was at the height of fame, and so was American actress Susan Sarandon. This is way before Ms. Drop-dead Gorgeous Iman entered the picture. Susan let it slip once in an interview: Bowie’s just a really interesting person, and so bright. He’s a talent, and a painter, and…he’s great”. Uh huh…We bet Susan.

7.Drugs Were for Work…Not Play


Like most rock stars, Bowie was partial to drugs. But he had a purpose for them! While others were doing it to get high and “lose themselves” he was doing it for his art (such dedication!). Bowie would stay up for days to keep working on his music. That might sound cool to all you kids, but his health took an obvious hit. Does weighing 95 pounds and having a diet of peppers and milk sound sexy to you? Didn’t think so.

Bowie fandom spans the globe! And his music has a special place at Ovolo Hotels. When asked “what does Bowie mean” to a recent Ovolo Hotels guest, the feedback was simple: “He’s funky, sexy and super weird – everything I identified with at the time!” Keen to re-explore the icon’s music yourself? Check out radivolo, where his tunes are always available when you need them :)

Ellie Kate

Amadou is an American-raised, Hong Kong-based writer, communicator, and all-around lover of travel & food. He speaks four foreign languages and loves recommending new and exciting things to people whenever they go somewhere new. When not managing  his day job, you’ll probably find him at a happy hour or at the park with his Maltese Terrier, Maxx.