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The Visitor’s Guide to Christmas in Hong Kong

Andrea Lo

Spending Christmas Day in Hong Kong? Looking to do more than overindulging in the city’s legendary buffet feasts and holiday-themed cocktails? Here are a few things you can also do to make it a fruitful one. Check out these activities in Hong Kong that will make your Christmas a little different to how you might have spent it at home.

Hit Ocean Park

Got kids in tow… or just feel young at heart? Hit Ocean Park for a whole day of Christmassy fun. Every year, the theme park plans an all-out yuletide extravaganza, which usually includes world-class performances and lavish decorations, complete with a glitzy 40-foot tree – and let’s not forget the rollercoaster rides and an awesome zoo. Best part? Ocean Park is just a stone’s throw away from Ovolo Southside. With the newly opened MTR extension, there’s no reason not to make your way there.

See Noah’s Ark

Not many people know that Hong Kong is home to a life-sized Noah’s Ark replica, so for a more Christian experience this Christmas, the structure makes for a pretty solid option. Located on the outlying island of Ma Wan (AKA Park Island), Noah’s Ark is the world’s first full-sized simulation of the biblical story. You’ll find 67 pairs of animals depicted here, alongside a park built against the natural landscape with a view of the Tsing Ma Bridge behind it. It’s quirky, for sure – but hey, at least your Christmas day will definitely be different!

Gawk at the Lights

Hong Kong’s harbour views are pretty spectacular year-round, but come December, the whole thing comes to life with some pretty flashy Christmas displays. You already know that the best place to drink in the views of Hong Kong Island is along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, so take some time out to snap a ’gram or two. Do it for the likes!

Take a Hike

This move might not guarantee that you skip the crowds – Hong Kong’s mild winters mean hiking is a popular activity around Christmas – but a hike should be part of your itinerary if you want to experience a different side to both the city, and spend your Christmas Day a little differently. Try a 12km hiking trail that takes you from Sai Kung all the way to Tai Long Wan Beach nestled eastern coast of the New Territories (not to be confused with three other beaches of the same time dotted around Hong Kong). It’s often said to be the most picturesque spot in the SAR, so check it out. For bonus points: pitch a tent and stay the night on the beach. Bet you never thought you could do that in Hong Kong – and in winter, no less.

Shop Til You Drop

Beyond the malls and high street stores, shopping in Hong Kong during Christmas time feels like a treasure trove – what with festive markets in Stanley and Tai Koo on Island East. Feel like staying indoors? Be on the lookout for sumptuous displays located at most major malls across the city.

Andrea Lo is a freelance journalist and translator based in Hong Kong. After cutting her teeth in the industry as a staff writer at a lifestyle magazine, she embraced the freelance life in 2015 and hasn’t looked back. She spends her time exploring the best of Hong Kong’s dining and nightlife scene, trialling new fitness trends, and travelling to exotic locales – all in the name of “research”.