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The Best Restaurants in Sheung Wan You Don’t Want to Miss

Best Restaurants in Sheung Wan You Don't Want to Miss


G/F, 206 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan (Map)

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A paradise of Northern Thai delicacies, where flavours blend into a symphony of zesty, spicy, savoury, and aromatic overtones. Spices and sauces act as soulful companions, creating an authentic and tantalising sensory trip. The highlight of the show, the Thai Milk Tea Shaved Ice ($88 per serving), lives up to its renown. Phad Thai ($148 per serving), Grilled Wagyu Beef ($198 per serving), and Thai-style Grilled Pork Neck take the spotlight. These meals exemplify the lively Southeast Asian flavours, sparking an authentically dynamic and delightfully playful gastronomic excursion.

Shui Kee Coffee

Shop 17, Cooked Food Centre, 2/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building And Civic Centre, 345 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan (Map)

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Craving for a taste explosion? Dive into the world of crumbly toast topped with a medley of peanut jam, condensed milk, and butter that’ll have your taste buds dancing. And if that’s not enough, their juicy hotdog with beef and fried egg is an absolute delight. Top it off with a classic glass bottle of cold milk tea that’s so velvety it’s practically a hug in a cup. All this for around $20-50, ensuring you’re fully fuelled for your urban explorations.


G/F, 23 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan (Michelin) (Map)

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Step inside Samsen Thai Bistro with one Michelin Star, where old Thai posters complement wooden furniture and tiled floors for a genuine Thai experience. Begin your culinary adventure with the Thai-Style Train Fried Rice with Wagyu Beef ($138). Each grain shines, and ample quantities of luscious Wagyu beef create an intoxicating symphony of flavours. Stir-fried wide Rice Noodles Thai Style ($128) are lively. Chewy rice noodles are expertly stir-fried, with each strand coated in sauce; nonetheless, the chicken may benefit from additional softness.

Hei Baat Fong

G/F, 3-3A Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan (Map)

Dumplings, dumplings, and more dumplings! Hei Baat Fong is the spot for dumpling enthusiasts. Pair them with their spicy preserved radish that’s a punch of heat, and sip on their bone collagen fresh fish soup for ultimate satisfaction. With about 60 dollars, your taste buds will be dancing to the dumpling tune.

Te Quiero Mucho

The Sheung Wan by Ovolo, 286 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan (Map)

TQM serves vivid Mexican dishes in a dynamic ambience with a quirky presentation. Hong Kong’s outstanding guacamole can be discovered at this authentic Mexican restaurant and craft tequila heaven. The menu caters to all tastes, with sizzling pleasures. House tacos go flawlessly with their innovative cocktails. The signature beverages honour the Aztec narrative through real, mystical ingredients, making it the ideal place for spectacular Mexican festivity.