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The Best Mid-Autumn Festival Displays for Your Next Picture-perfect Moment!

The Best Mid-Autumn Festival Displays for Your Next Picture-perfect Moment!

Get ready to celebrate one of the most important festivals in Hong Kong!

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Lantern or Moon Festival, happened on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. This year, the festival falls on September 29. It’s a celebration for families and friends to come together and partake in various festivities, including eating mooncakes, playing with lanterns, and admiring the moon. The whole city celebrates this festive event with amazing illuminated displays all around Hong Kong.

Here are our selection of the five best Mid-Autumn festival lantern display.

1. Victoria Park

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Offering one of the most impressive lantern displays, Victoria Park also hosts traditional dances such as lion and dragon dances. This year’s theme is “Chinese Delights in Full Splendour”, so come and enjoy the hundreds of stunning lantern displays.

When: September 23 to October 2

2. Lee Tung Avenue

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Take a walk in Lee Tung Avenue to admire ore than 800 Chinese lanterns. From traditional lanterns to typical Mid-Autumn festival motifs, Lee Tung Avenue is also hosting a LED Fire Dragon show on September 29.

When: Until October 23

3. Lake House

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Have you ever seen a giant rabbit? We know where to find them.

Lake House has installed its giant 10-metre moon and rabbit lantern displays. It is a lovely place to enjoy the festival and take great pictures, and the lake is even a wishing lake where you can write wishes on a water lantern! For that, the admission fee is 50 HKD (it depends on which type of lantern you choose). You can even take the moon-viewing pass that brings you along the lake to have the best view of the lantern displays.

When: September 21 to October 2

4. Blue House

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The famous Blue House in Wan Chai is decorated with vibrant lanterns crafted and painted by the local community. This year’s spectacle surpasses all previous editions, as the displays extend across the entire Blue House complex, including the Yellow and Orange Houses as well. 

When: From September 17


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MOKO has prepared a delightful treat for visitors during the Mid-Autumn Festival with three captivating displays to enjoy! Upon entering the garden area on the third floor, you’ll be warmly welcomed by a charming Jade Rabbit leaning against the arch. As you proceed to the park area, a magical forest trail awaits, with 240 vibrant lantern decorations, creating a picturesque scene. The boulevard itself transforms into a dreamlike realm with a sea of lanterns. Lastly, the Rainbow Windmill area beckons with its assortment of flower-shaped windmills.

When: Until October 31