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The Best Escape Rooms in Sydney

escape rooms in sydney

For puzzle solvers and thrill seekers, nothing quite beats an exciting escape room experience. Luckily, Sydney is filled with escape room options guaranteed to set hearts and minds racing. Investigate mysterious locations, solve clues and navigate your way out of sticky situations as you race against the clock with our round-up of the five best escape rooms in Sydney. 

Next Level Escape 

Next Level lives up to its name with a range of escape rooms to confound even the savviest of puzzlers. Located in the heart of Sydney, Next Level’s four escape rooms are guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. The most difficult of these is the Artefact, where the C.I.A. will task you to investigate a strange alien artefact. Ex Libris is for all literature lovers, allowing escapees to dip into the literary world only to find their way back to reality. This room has an identical room, perfect for those with an extra competitive streak.

Scram Escape Rooms

Scram Escape Rooms offer multiple escape rooms at locations in Macquarie Park and Parramatta in Sydney. Find your missing wand in the Wizard Chambers, get trapped in a Doll House filled with life-size toys, help the victim of the Witch’s Curse or venture into deep space as you investigate the C-18 mission that has been mysteriously compromised. Scram Escape Rooms offers an immersive gaming experience with options for 2-4 players and 5-8 players, hosting kids’ birthday parties and larger groups of 21 players or more, perfect for your next team-building event.

The Cipher Room

The Cipher Room is Australia’s highest-ranked escape room and the 2021 winner of City Hub’s best Sydney escape room, so you know you are in for the ultimate escape experience. At the Cipher Room outpost in St Peters, escapees can choose from La Rébellion, set in a dystopian France, where you will be part of a brave resistance group that must infiltrate a secret bunker. Alternatively, join S.C.A.R.E. (Supernatural Consultancy And Real Estate) and inspect a dilapidated and supposedly haunted toy shop in Mr Pepper’s Toy Shop. 

At Cipher Room’s location in Newtown, experience some of the most scary escape rooms in Sydney as you step into your own black and white film noir adventure in the Marlowe Hotel or investigate a serial killer case in the Cabin.

Entermission Sydney

Located near Town Hall in the centre of town, Entermission is home to some of the best virtual escape rooms in Sydney, complete with real-life special effects and hand-tracking for a truly immersive experience. Entermission hosts team-building events, bucks and hens parties, birthday celebrations, school excursions and family days out with nine riveting escape room options. Follow Alice into wonderland, travel back in time to Chernobyl, get sent deep into a madman’s mind to save a child or save earth on a sabotaged space station in Space Heroes.

Paniq Room 

Located at the Rocks on Sydney Harbour, Paniq Room is home to four exhilarating escape rooms, where time is of the essence. With 60 minutes on the clock, escape room aficionados will race to escape a prison cell in Supercell 117, overcome the tricks of a famous magician in Senses or retrieve a tape stolen by a rival mafia family in Godfather. The fourth and final escape room, House of Jumanji, is filled with strange sounds and mysterious animals as you roll the dice playing an ancient board game. Rooms are designed for all ages and groups, with a focus on high adrenaline rather than scaring techniques.

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