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The Best Beach Clubs in Kuta, Bali

top 3 best beach clubs in kuta bali

Blowing the sea breeze, enjoying the sun, and the beach, Kuta in Bali is one of the indispensable places. To enhance visitors’ beach experience, Kuta offers a range of beach clubs. What are some worthwhile for you to participate in? We’re here to introduce you to three social clubs that will fill you up on your experience in Kuta.

Kuta Social Club at Mamaka by Ovolo

Our Kuta Social Club puts you in bliss when you walk in the door. The Kuta Social Club is located at the highest seat in town. Watching the dreamy Kuta sunset, lying on a comfortable and stylish lounge chair for a drink, is a wonderland on earth. And our club’s menu is diverse. We combine the delicious taste of international and Indonesian cuisine perfectly.

For those who love seafood, don’t miss Oyster & Bubble. Buy 1 glass of Champaign or Bubble, with free 3 oysters. Buy in a bottle, with 6 oysters!

We will take you to experience endless enjoyment on the tip of your tongue. After sunset, it’s time for you to rock the night away with our DJ on our rooftop with a glass of our signature cocktail in hand. The Kuta Social Club ensures an unforgettable beach club experience.

Cocoon Beach Club

Just steps from the shoreline, Cocoon Beach Club is in Kuta’s trendy and upscale beachfront venue. Its modern design, verdant setting, and infinity pool overlooking the beach create a tranquil and luxurious environment. This beach club offers the perfect mix of comfortable sun beds, relaxing cabanas and a beachfront restaurant and bar. Indulge in refreshing cocktails, savor gourmet cuisine, and take in the calming sea views. Cocoon Beach Club offers a refined and elegant beach club experience.

Azul Beach Club

This beach club is most definitely an Instagram paradise, with the main area having a perfect background for your next photo in Bali! The venue features an open-air design that allows guests to enjoy stunning views of the ocean while relaxing on day beds or infinity pools. One of the highlights of Azul Beach Club is the Tiki Bar, which serves a range of signature craft cocktails made with handpicked local ingredients and premium rum.

Check out Azul Beach Club:

The beach clubs in Kuta, Bali, can create an unforgettable beach experience for everyone. You are smart enough to choose a beach club that allows you to experience an exclusive beach club. Have fun and nourish your soul!

We, Mamaka Ovolo, are right here looking forward to sharing a fascinating moment with you. Click to join us