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The Art Of Banksy Hits Sydney

The world’s largest touring collection of Banksy’s works, The Art of Banksy works is here at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter to showcase the most ambiguous and highly publicised artist of modern times.


Showing until 17 November, this retrospective look at the world’s master enigma street artist sees works as old as 20 years on display at time when arguably Banksy’s works and their message have never been more powerful or relevant. A power perpetuated by the anonymity of the artist – a decision made decades ago as a measure of protection from Bristol authorities. Banksy was right when he said, “invisibility is a superpower”, one that has allowed him to fly.

Curated by the artist’s former manager and photographer Steve Lazarides, who began selling Banksy’s works from the back of his car in the 90’s, the showcase features 80 original works from 1997 to 2008, gathered from over 40 different private collectors world-wide.


Having toured worldwide, from Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto to Miami, this exhibition shows some of the artists most iconic works such as “Girl With Red Balloon” (a version of which was shredded after sale in a highly publicized prank late 2018), “Flower Thrower” and “Rude Copper”.

Further works in the form of canvasses, screen prints, sculptures and other large-scale installations such as a smashed up Mini Cooper will make their way to Australia’s world city. Although 100% unauthorized by Banksy himself, The Art of Banksy serves as a reminder of the explosive potential of an artist’s work and the power of street art. Sneak your peak of an icons work from now until 17 November, dates and details below.



  • First admission 11am, last submission 7pm, closes 8pm

Friday & Saturday

  • First submission 11am, last submission 8pm, closes 9pm


  • First submission 11am, last submission 7pm, closes 8pm


Allowing at least 45 minutes to view the exhibition, attendees will ironically exit through the gift shop. Exit Through The Gift Shop: A Banksy Film is a documentary film directed by Banksy and released in 2010 to incredible acclaim as the world’s first street art disaster movie.


Tickets from $32 (General Access) and $36 (Priority Access).


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