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Sydney isn’t the capital of Australia!

Jay Martin – The Veggo Adventurer

Sydney isn’t the capital of Australia! What is this… Canberra?

Australia is one of those funny countries with a capital city that isn’t very well known or densely populated. Other examples of countries like this include Brazil with its capital Brasilia, Turkey with Ankara, and Switzerland with its capital city Bern. Foreigners often debate between Sydney and Melbourne when asked what the capital of Australia is, but the correct answer is actually Canberra.

Canberra is a small city of around 400,000 people (only the 8th largest city in Australia) that sits in between Sydney and Melbourne. The site was chosen as the location for Australia’s capital in 1908 as a compromise between the two aforementioned cities. The city was planned out in entirety before being built. Because of this it has many tree-lined boulevards, wide roads, lush green parklands, and many nature reserves. The city is also home to Parliament House, the home of Australian Politics.

Canberra is not known as an exciting place to visit, which is another reason why many foreigners don’t know it and most tourist never visit there. When asked what comes to mind when Canberra is mentioned Australians mostly think about roundabouts – the city has a plethora of them, fireworks – which used to be legal in there until only a few years ago, and hardcore pornography – because online casino filming it is illegal in every part of Australia except here.

If you like learning about history, Australian politics or just enjoy relaxing in pleasant surroundings then Canberra should be on your to do list. For those of us who like a bit of excitement when traveling around, Canberra probably isn’t worth making a special trip out to visit.

Consider stopping by if you’re driving between Sydney and Melbourne sometime or book a stay at Ovolo Laneways, or heading to the Ski Hills in NSW, which are only a few hours drive beyond the capital. If you don’t have time to visit however, don’t fret you really didn’t miss too much.


jayJay Martin was born in Brisbane, Australia, but has spent his life traversing the world in search of excitement and freedom. From tearing up the slopes in Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand to backpacking across Europe and living the high-life in Asia, there’s always a new challenge on the horizon for this intrepid adventurer.

After graduating from the University of Queensland with a BBM (Marketing), and working at a few advertising agencies, Jay went out to start his own digital marketing firm. Assisting other businesses build their brands through the development of interesting and exciting content has helped him fine-tune his own passion for writing.

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