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Supporting a Greener Bali

greener bali

As the pandemic dies down, Bali is on its way back. The Island of Gods have grown at a fast pace with the ever-growing tourism sector. During the last couple of months, many new restaurants, villa projects and hotels have opened their doors. All in turn putting pressure on the fragile eco-system of this beautiful island. 

What can you do? 

Travellers and residents can help make responsible “green choices” to reduce “footprints” damaging Bali’s ecosystem through deciding where and how to spend, where and what to eat, what to buy, which businesses to value and support, and which actions to avoid. Here are eight ways to support a greener Bali next time you’re in Bali:  

  1. Quick showers – Conserve fresh water. 
  2. Biodegradable shampoo and soaps – Biodegradable cosmetics might be a bit more expensive, but they create impact right away. 
  3. Switch off AC and lights – Switching off AC and lights is a great way to save energy and therefore resources. 
  4. Save towels and bedsheets in hotels – Washing and dry-cleaning bedsheets and towels in hotels puts a lot of pressure onto the eco-system. Washing and drying consumes a large amount of energy, the release of bleach and detergents pollutes the water system, and overall, it takes a lot of water. 
  5. Pay fair prices for local businesses – Throughout the pandemic, many local businesses had to shut down. As tourism began to increase, local vendors are trying to build back up again but rely on economic support. Support local businesses as they are largely handcrafted and made by local artisans. 
  6. No littering – One could assume that this is not necessary to mention anymore. However, some travellers seem to forget that leaving trash on the beach or empty beer bottles on the sidewalk or snipping the cigarette bud anywhere should be a no-go. Bali has an amazing array of wildlife from dogs to cats, to birds, squirrels and turtles. All at harm when litter is left behind. 
  7. Re-usable water bottles – This action has a significant impact on reducing plastic waste. 
  8. Don’t bring trash or take it back – Most of the trash in Bali ends up in landfills, recycling is still rarely happening. So, anything you bring to Bali and do not take back, will weigh on the environment. Particularly empty batteries for example. Clothes and shoes you do not need any more but can still be used can be donated to people in need here in Bali. If you wish to leave something behind that is still in ok condition, you can ask the housekeepers if they can give it to someone in need. Most of them will be incredibly happy to take it. 

Let us become a solution, not a problem for a better and greener Bali.