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How to Make the Most of Stayin’ In and Stayin’ Alive

Lockdown, self-isolation or quarantine can be rough, we know. So that’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that we’ve learnt over the last couple months on how to make the most out of your stay.

  1. Element of surprise – as with any stay, a well thought out surprise can make anyone’s day. Take it from us, we planned a month-long of Christmas surprises for guests throughout December. What’s better than celebrating holiday festivities, is being surprised with them!
  2. Keep your mind active – for those not working, your mind can easily go on autopilot. Take an hour a day to do a masterclass or some brainteasers and you’ll come out feeling refreshed and productive!
  3. Netflix binge lists – It’s a no brainer, Netflix is the best way to kill time.
  4. Have some greens inside – bring nature inside with you in the form of a plant companion.
  5. Keep moving – being stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving. With a walking or and a jump rope, you can easily hit those steps, AND those fitness goals you always promised yourself.
  6. Keep your body healthy – it’s easy to let yourself slip when Deliveroo is just a click away. But remember to have some healthy options every now and then, too!
  7. Stay connected – make sure to take the time to call family, friends and loved ones while you’re in lockdown, self-isolation or quarantine.