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Secret Beaches of Hong Kong

Forget Repulse and Stanley; once beaches open up again, here’s a whole list of secret beaches you can go to not just for a change of scenery, but to avoid the crowds. Here, you can social distance with a tan, the waves, and a drink (or two) in hand.

1.Middle Bay

Appropriately named, Middle Bay is situated right in between Deep Water and Repulse Bay. A short (but hidden, of course) walk, it has astonishing views, clear water, and its rocky nature almost makes you feel like you’re sunbathing somewhere in Italy.

2. Stanley Ma Hang Park

So hidden that it doesn’t even have a name, the beach below Stanley Ma Hang Park is the perfect escape. Well-situated (only a 5 minute walk from the Stanley Plaza), cozy and dog-friendly, this beach is perfect for those wanting to feel like they’re on Stanley beach, but with clearer water and less people.

3. Turtle Cove Beach

Snap a picture, and people might just believe you’re in Greece. Picturesque clear turquoise water, on-site shower facilities, and also located on the Southern strand of Hong Kong island, this beach is everything and more.

4. Tsuen Wan Beaches

For those that live off the island and want to find a decent beach closer to home, this is it! Nestled beneath the Tsing Ma bridge, these beaches are a good alternative to travelling 1+ hours to get to the Southern strand. Quiet, peaceful, and overlooking the harbour, you may never want to commute to a beach again.

5. Sharp Island

Tai Long Wan, who? Only 2 kilometres away from the Sai Kung pier, Sharp Island is home to some of the more secluded beaches in Sai Kung. Although you still need a boat to get there, it sure beats the crowded options of Sai Wan, Ham Tin, and Tai Wan.