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Prioritise Your Health this Wellness Month

wellness month 2022

Wellness Month is upon us and there has been no better time to prioritize your health.  Focus on you through a series of activities targeting your social, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness this August. 

Social Wellness

Your social wellness can be affected by the people in your life. In order to prioritize your health, pinpoint the positive relationships and focus on strengthening them. Go on a weekly walk with Mum; have lunch with your siblings; see a game with Dad; plan a weekend away with your friends. Whatever it may be, make sure it’s with positive influences in your life.

Physical Wellness

Improving your physical health is key to improving not only your quality of life but also the longevity of your life. It’s about sleeping well, eating well, being physically active, having good hygiene, and getting enough relaxation. Ovolo have partnered with The Body Shop to create a new package targeting these physical areas. The Wellness Package is available for the month of August and includes an exclusive ‘sleep deep’ pack, containing The Body Shop’s new sleep range, T2 sleep tea sachets, and tips from renowned sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo all tailored to help you have a dreamy stay.     

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Emotional Wellness

Strengthening your emotional wellness means bettering your mental health. It’s about finding time in your day to day to truly choose you. Find the balance between work and play, activity and rest to stop and put yourself first. Choose an activity that calms your mind and limits running thoughts. We recommend light reading, meditation, running, painting, and practicing gratitude. By calming your mind, you will allow yourself to cope and breakdown rising emotions. 

Spiritual Wellness 

Easily misunderstood, spiritual wellness is not about tapping into the spirit world or focusing on a religion – it’s about growing your understanding of life and what it means to you. Understanding this and your purpose in life is easier said than done, however there a few ways you can start the process. Write down your values, beliefs and goals; connect with nature; disconnect from social media; practice giving back.