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Pack Up For Pick Ups

pack up for pick ups

A few travel essentials to help your game overseas on any budget…

An Unlocked Phone

Seems obvious but how are they going to call without a phone dummy!? If you want to arrange dates you need a damn phone. Buy a local SIM card. It’s cheaper and your targets will be more inclined to text you. Having a phone more than doubles your chances of hooking up.

Portable Speakers / Laptop

You got to get some tunes going to set the mood. Laptops usually suffice, otherwise hook up your Mp3 player to these ultra light speakers. A lot of these compact travel speakers provide really great sound a nice amount of sensual bass vibrations. But more importantly you need…

The Right Playlist

♪ ♫ Let’s get it on! Owh! ♪ ♫ Make a sexy playlist. Start it off nice and slow and customise it to your style. Try and create a flow.

Just One Bit Of Flair

A hat, bit of jewellery, a tie, feather boa, a striking shirt; whatever to separate you from the herd of tourists with cameras and fanny packs. This technique helps in places where you may look similar to the locals or just gives advantage over other chumps elsewhere .