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Our New Favourite Friends

our new favourite friends

It’s been a tumultuous year and a half since COVID-19 became a global pandemic, and while it’s been a tough time, we’ve been grateful to pick up a few local Hong Kong friends along the way. Our friends have worked with us to help immensely improve the experience of the mandatory quarantine in Southside by Ovolo and Ovolo Central. That’s why we’d love to give them a bit of a shout out! 

1. Amalfitana Central

Amalfitana Central is an artisan pizza restaurant offering a little slice of the Amalfi coast in a bustling Soho metropolis. We’ve come together to now bring Amalfi coast into the rooms of quarantine guests in Ovolo Central. If you get a chance to stop by, make sure resident DJ Noel is playing so you can dance the night away while enjoying exceptional food and cocktails. 

2. Treehouse 

Grounded in healthy eating, Treehouse is a refreshing introduction to the future of dining: sustainable, ethical, modern, and fast. That’s why we’ve decided to partner up and bring their likeminded approach to food to our Ovolo Central guests. Or, step into their flagship in Central and enter an uplifting space made to help us reconnect with nature and flourish as we live in this moment. 

3. Feather & Bone 

By working directly with farmers and artisans with whom they have personal relationships, Feather & Bone bypasses the middlemen to provide quality items at exceptional prices. Bringing them to our Ovolo Central guests simply makes sense. With an open kitchen and the best ingredients available, simply visit their in-house butchers and have your protein of choice cooked in their open kitchen. 

4. Ding Dim 1968 

At Ding Dim, they are committed to offering traditional cuisine with innovative operational procedures, efficiently serving the freshest dimsum to visitors from around the world everyday. With the everyday not being a travel-free world at the moment, we brought Dingdim to visitors from around the world through quarantine at Ovolo Central. 

5. Ho Lan Jeng 

Ho Lan Jeng (formerly called 65 Peel) – a play on the common Canto phrase used to describe something as ‘so f***ing good’ – is all about showcasing the local craft beer scene paired with Cantonese classics with a contemporary twist. We know how good they are, and we wanted to bring that to our Ovolo Central guests too. They’re cool, classic, and contemporary, all rolled into one Cantonese-inspired pub. 

6. Baan Thai 

Inspired by the popular flavours of Siam cuisine, Baan Thai showcases the signature dishes of Thailand, using fresh herbs and spices. We introduced Baan Thai to the guests of Ovolo Central to help spice up their quarantine life with an array of tastes. Led by Thai chefs in the kitchen, visit their Central or Western District locations to be transported back to Bangkok. 

7. Mindful Studio 

Based on the timeless and proven principles of mindfulness and yoga practices, Mindful Studio is eager to journey with guests on the path of self-discovery with an aim to enhance their overall well-being. Founder, Simon Hui, generously offered his time to host a yoga-meditation class to the quarantine guests of Southside by Ovolo and Central at no additional cost. As a long time partner and friend since the beginning of 2021, us (and many guests) are truly thankful! 

8. Howard’s Folly Wines

Passionate about winemaking, the people at Howard’s Folly Wines have the expertise and vision to create wines which are truly exceptional. They use smaller tanks to take advantage of higher fruit quality and keep wine batches separate to make more reserve, varietal and super premium wines. But not only are they passionate about wine, but they are keen sponsors of the visual arts and give back to the community by supporting the Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF). SAF uses art prizes to raise funds to assist under privileged children using art classes as therapy and rehabilitation giving children a chance in life when they would otherwise have little or none. Ovolo has partnered with Howard’s Folly by offering wine tastings where guests donate money to participate and 100% of donations go towards SAF.

9. foodpanda 

Foodpanda brings the restaurants and shops we love right at our fingertips. With an efficient delivery fleet, we can find the right food to suit our mood whenever, wherever. That’s why we’ve partnered with foodpanda for business to bring our Southside by Ovolo and Central guests all the essentials they may have forgotten, are in sudden need of, or just simply want to buy. They also get access to exclusive discounts and offers on restaurants, groceries, and shops.