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Our Favourite Pizzas in Hong Kong

Ovolo Hotels started in Hong Kong so we’ve always had a soft spot for brands that were born in the 852. We believe this is the time to go local and support each other, now more than ever. From Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, breweries, outdoor grassy spots, art galleries, date night spots, we’re here to give you the ultimate guide to the downright best independent businesses in Hong Kong. Sign-up to our OMG newsletter for our carefully curated guide – this month, we’re giving you ‘Our Favourite Pizzas in Hong Kong.’

1.La Camionetta 

Run by a husband-and-wife team, Benito and Giulia Proust, La Camionetta is the latest pizzeria to hit SoHo. Serving traditional, handcrafted pizzas full of flavour, their signatures include the La Caprese Pizza and La Goat Cheese Pizza. One of our favourites – La Camionetta is a cosy Italian spot with casual interiors and traditional Italian drinks you’re bound to love.

2. Dough Bros

With 3 locations across the island, Dough Bros is a relatively new, humble spot that does it right. From their hand-rolled-upon-order sourdough crust to indulgent and creamy donuts, their dough is one of the best in town. Our personal favourites include anything – as long as it has the garlic sauce! Salty or sweet, they’ve got it down.

3. Emmer Pizza 

The same founders behind the popular burger chain, Beef and Liberty, have brought a new Pizzeria to Pacific Place, Emmer Pizza. The name itself, Emmer, is an ancient, organic heritage grain that the restaurant blends with good Italian flour and rye. The heritage grains are higher in nutrients and lower in gluten – not only making it better for us, but they naturally taste better. Every pizza is baked in an iconic rotating steel oven giving them the perfect combination of crispy yet chewy, and thin yet puffy in all the right places.

4. Posto Pubblico 

If you’re craving a New York Style bistro or a deep-fried Chicago pizza, then this is your go-to place. All vegetables are freshly homegrown and all the pizzas are pan-fried and charred in an iron skillet. The crust is crispy, thick and every bite is cheeeesy. The two must-try pizzas is the Brooklyn Special (friend eggplant, arugula, aged balsamico) and the Pubblico Supreme (mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, red onion, olives, green peppers, chilli, red sauce).

5. Alvy’s 

Opened by one of the most-loved and most well-known local breweries, Alvy’s is Young Master’s star restaurant. With a comprehensive list of pizza options served on crunchy, homemade dough, this is one of the top spots in town for sure. Our favourites include the a la vodka, since we’re veggie-friendly of course!

6. Amalfitana 

Inspired by the Amalfi Coast, Amalfitana is an artisan pizza bar that brings all the right flavours together with an endless list of signature cocktails. Located right by the beach in Repulse Bay, the restaurant setting gives you an escape from the bustling city. Right as you walk in, you’ll spot a huge pizza oven imported from Italy. The pizzas are all crispy, thin and perfectly charred on the edges. There’s also an exciting array of creative topping so make sure to try something you typically wouldn’t because we can guarantee, it’s a 10/10.