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Our Favourite Local Gins

Hong Kong has always been a strong player in the F&B scene, but even more so now with the emergence of a slew of homegrown brands. Here are 3 Hong Kong gin brands that’s worth supporting and giving a try.


N.I.P is a craft gin that is distilled using traditional methods in a copper still, which allows for incredibly refined spirits. Combining over 20 different botanicals, the result is a complex yet balanced flavour profile that pays tribute to the heritage and underlying attitude that is uniquely Hong Kong.

Two Moons

Another 100% locally made premium craft gin, Two Moons is a handcrafted gin that highlights elegance and complexity enough to convert anyone into a gin-thusiast. It incorporates 12 botanicals, 6 of which are of Asian origin. Expect a crisp and citrusy aroma that packs a punch together with a rounded nuttiness, all packed into an incredibly silky mouthfeel.

Bauhinia Gin

An emblem of Hong Kong, the bauhinia flower is the heart and soul of this gin. Distilled through a traditional steep and boil method, it features a blend of the finest natural botanicals and of course, the bauhinia flower. This creates a smooth and elegant gin with fresh pine, floral, and citrus aromas finished with a uniquely floral aftertaste.

Interested in sampling a taste of these 3 local gins? ABOVE by Komune in Ovolo Southside will be shortly reopening and should be your go-to place to give these gins a try. Amazing views, amazing gins, what more could anyone want?