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“One more for the gram”

We’ve received a whole lot of love from our guests with a whole lot of their smart phone flashes shining bright on our design-led properties as some of the most intragrammable hotels in Australia, Hong Kong and across the world. The latest of Instagrammable O-moments has popped up at a mighty height as Ovolo The Valley receives one more art installation to the property’s unique collection in the form of an a very large white chair. Do sit on this furniture.

Check out the Instagrammable moments at each property below:

The Woolstore 1888, Darling Harbour

Layered with Industrial chic, rich history and inspired interiors, the cosy lounge surrounds of Thw Woolstore 1888 provide the perfect setting for any gram worthy shot. For ‘the shot’, you’ll have to take a step down a side street to spy the Shaken Suite’s private access doors – an imposing and architecturally glorious entrance featuring a set of large navy double doors that simple radiate boss energy.

Laneways By Ovolo

What better way to capture your stay at Laneways By Ovolo then by sharing a ‘candid’ pic from one of Laneways By Ovolo Terrace Suite rooftops overlooking the laneways, side streets and skyline of this buzzing cultural hub.

Ovolo Nishi

You won’t have to walk far at Ovolo Nishi to find your perfect backdrop. Making a major statement in sustainable design upon entry is Nishi’s iconic staircase, fashioned from an explosion of salvaged timbers reclaimed from destroyed buildings including a basketball court, an old house as well as from the Nishi site itself, all held together with 1200 steel rods.

Ovolo The Valley

Not all of us can pull our best ‘blue steel’ look for a serious and impeccably curated shoot. Rather we rely on props and sets to achieve that ‘natural’ look. The latest art installation addition to Ovolo The Valley has arrived in the form of a very large white chair and unlike most furniture displays, we want you to sit on this one! Sure to make people of all sizes feel like Mike Teavee from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, this is one shrinking machine we can guarantee will return you to your regular sized self.

Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Perched on Sydney Harbour, many are in awe of the waterfront location of Ovolo Woolloomooloo within Sydney’s iconic finger wharf. The real snap worthy star worth staying for however can be found within at Alibi Bar & Kitchen – Australia’s first 100% hotel restaurant and bar. Beneath the fairy light trees at Alibi, illuminated by the moonlight peeping through the wharf roof is where you’ll find the perfect setting to stage your shoot.

Snap to it and book your stay now – your gram is waiting.