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OMG Playlist

OMG Playlist

We’ve welcomed back quarantining guests in Hong Kong since mid-2020 and we’ve gone through lockdowns in Australia many a times, so we know being trapped between 4 walls is never a fun time. But we’re always here to try and make something of a bad situation, so we’ve thought about how to help make this a little more enjoyable. You may be stuck in quarantine or you may be on lockdown, but what you won’t be is without some good music to help you get through this difficult time. Here’s our recommended list of Spotify playlists for every mood. 

Morning Rhythm – best enjoyed when getting ready in the morning 

Not everyone is a morning person, but one thing that all night owls and early birds can appreciate is a nice getting up and getting ready playlist. Whether your routine is staring out the window with a nice hot cup of coffee, standing in the shower while hot water rains over you, or enjoying some relaxing morning yoga, these tunes will surely get your day started with a positive mindset.  

Workout Beats – best enjoyed while working out

In between sleeping, eating, and watching Netflix, you might even have some time to slip in a workout session. If breaking a sweat is what you’re after, then crank it up and stay motivated with this playlist. If you’re just in need for a mood booster, these tropical, feel-good pop tunes will surely get you back on track. 

LoFi Mix – best enjoyed while studying or working 

Are you the type of person who simply works or studies better while having some music playing? These lo-fi beats are the perfect mix of calming and not distracting, but enough to keep you going through any menial or mundane tasks. Tip: this playlist is also great to help you wind down at night before sleeping. 

Feel Good Dinner – best enjoyed with dinner 

You’re never alone when you’ve got a good playlist to accompany you. If you’re ever in the mood to just play some feel-good music while enjoying your meal, this playlist will do the trick. Who says mealtimes have to be boring, quiet, and eaten quickly? Tip: Eating slow has its health benefits!

Radio Ovolo – best enjoyed…whenever

We saved the best playlist for last, and that’s Radio Ovolo. All songs have been personally handpicked and compiled to form the best playlist for any and all occasions.  Relive the glory days of music (the 80’s) while you shower, while you scroll through Instagram, while you lie in bed staring at the ceiling, or after you finally step foot back into society after quarantine or lockdown.