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Murakami VS Murakami

As one of the most prominent Japanese artists in history, Takashi Murakami has mastered the creation of thought-provoking, expressive art – with a sharp yet subtle critique on today’s society. Murakami does not confine himself to the traditional barriers of contemporary art. His practice brims over into broader realms of creativity – including fashion, film, and commercial art. His exhibition is a living proof of his unrivalled passion for art and culture.


Static art isn’t enough? Featured with Murakami’s special programmes including his first long film ‘’Jellyfish Eyes’’, the exhibition surely won’t let you down.  Set in Japan following the natural disasters in 2011, the film tells a story of a mourning boy who lost his father in the massive destruction. The bright and vibrant colours used throughout the Children’s film create a provocative contrast against the heavy, grave motif of the tragedy. Step into the exhibition and into his world of colourful yet mindful imagination.


A token of remembrance is a must-have to round up the memorable experience – with Tai Kwun-exclusive items available in the special pop-up store. Just across the road, VEDA, Hong Kong’s ground-breaking flagship vegetarian restaurant now offers the Tiffin Set Lunch and the High Chai tea set – the perfect way to finish off a day at the Murakami exhibition.