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A Mother’s Day Movie Marathon

Get cosy, make some popcorn and watch a movie (or two) together. Here’s our round-up of movies that will guarantee hysterical laughing, unstoppable tears and the mushiest cuddles with your mum. Even you’re not under the same roof, you can watch together with Netflix Party! (

  1. A classic mother daughter love story with lots of ABBA – Mamma Mia
  2. A mother-daughter duo magically swap lives for a few days facing lots of challenges – Freaky Friday
  3. The story of 3 moms as they as they do their best to destress for Christmas when their moms show up – A Bad Moms Christmas 
  4. A terminally-ill woman must deal with her ex-husband’s new lover, who will be their children’s stepmother – Stepmom
  5. A family with a dozen children and with his wife on a book tour, a father must handle all – Cheaper By The Dozen 
  6. They may constantly fight but their bond remains unbreakable. Get your box of issues ready – Tears of Endearment 
  7. The unfolding of a pure, realistic and beautiful mother-daughter relationship. Both actresses were nominated for Oscars – Lady Bird
  8. If you both are in the mood for suspense & horror, follow the journey of a family struggling for survival in a world where most humans have been killed by blind but noise-sensitive creatures – A Quiet Place
  9. A three sister singing group tries to find stardom while dealing with their strict, religious mother – Sparkle 
  10. A heartwarming movie of a mother-daughter duo and grandmother-granddaughter duo – The Princess Diaries