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MEET THE MAKER – Raul Tronco, Executive Chef of VEDA & Ovolo Hotels Hong Kong

MEET THE MAKER - Raul Tronco

Tell us a little bit about your background and why you became a chef.

At home, my father was the one cooking, he inspired me so I started to learn from him. Then I went to culinary school in Madrid, and after working in a restaurant there, it was time for me to move abroad. And before Ovolo, I had amazing experiences in several countries around the world.

How is it to change from a Spanish cuisine to an Indian vegetarian cuisine? What do you love most about this cuisine?

Both cuisines are, surprisingly, very similar, so it was really easy for me to understand the basics. Spanish cuisine, due to the Arabic colonisation, has a big variety of spices that we use in our daily basics, especially in the south. The north of Spain is well known for its stews and hot dishes. That love for bold and flavourful dishes translates very well to Indian cuisine.

What is your favourite meal to cook?

Whatever needs time, patience, precision and…chilli. A lot of chilli!

Tell us about your new seasonal menu, what’s so special about it?

It is always special to be able to work with seasonal veggies. You get to taste amazing products at their peak and that is a big help when you need to present flavours fairly.

As an executive chef, how do you keep your employees motivated?

I always try to involve my team in all the major (and minor) kitchen decisions. I always challenge their answers and ask to solve problems, that frequently arise in any kitchen. If everyone feels that a little bit of our operation belongs to them, they will care more deeply about what we do. 

After work, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Rock climbing! To be fair, any interaction with nature is perfect for me. Especially in great Hong Kong weather or travelling. I love to read as well.

VEDA has been on the rise recently, with new menus, exciting collaborations with artists, and now Cathay Pacific too! What do you think is the next step for VEDA?

I would like to lead Veda to winning local and international awards. We have a strong team and offer, so it’s about time to start getting recognised among the best vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong.