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Matilda Comes To Hong Kong

The musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book, Matilda, is one of the most successful musicals. Seen by more than 8 million people, the Broadway show has won 86 International awards. Matilda is making its Hong Kong debut from 20th September and we’ve already grabbed our tickets!

Matilda is a story of an extraordinary 5-year-old girl who creates her own destiny. She goes through obstacles with her family and teachers and overcomes them by embracing her individuality and a special gift. Matilda has all the elements of a great show – wit, humour, magic, villains and heroes.

There are many iconic moments from Matilda that I for one, repeatedly watched during my childhood. To name a few – when Matilda super-glued her father’s hat to his head, when we first meet Miss Trunchball, and when Matilda and Miss Honey snuck into Miss Trunchball’s old house and almost got caught. This Broadway show is a must – not just for the nostalgic thrill, but also because it’s one of the best children’s movie ever made.