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 Mamaka By Ovolo Supports Sungai Watch for Environmental Care Actions in Bali

Mamaka By Ovolo Supports Sungai Watch for Environmental Care Actions in Bali


As a company that cares about the environment, Ovolo Hotels, in this case Mamaka by Ovolo, sponsors and supports the activities of Sungai Watch, a river cleaning organization in Bali with the main mission of protecting waterways from environmental pollution. Sungai Watch in its activities uses river barriers to filter rivers, preventing waste from flowing into the sea.

On Wednesday, 16 November 2022, Ovolo Hotels sponsored the installation of a river barrier along the Petitenget River, Bali. The reason for choosing the river in Petitenget is because Petitenget is an area with a lot of people, so it produces a lot of garbage or waste.

With this effort, Ovolo Hotels together with Sungai Watch are trying to contribute to reducing pollution, making it a better place for residents or visitors who know Bali as a tourist destination.

Ovolo Hotels is committed to continuing to promote environmentally conscious initiatives, as well as efforts to preserve nature, this of course to continue to be able to do good, feel good, make changes and create an impact.

The vision of Ovolo Hotels in environmental care was first initiated by Girish Jhunjnuwala, the founder of Ovolo Hotels. Departing from this initiative, Ovolo Hotels will ensure that this vision is realized and has a positive impact globally as it grows, both as a human being and as a company.

“We are always looking for partners who are close to where our team is and able to feel the impact that has been made. I must say, I think Sungai Watch knows the affected areas very well, they made quite a big impact,” said Dave Baswal as CEO of Ovolo Hotels.

According to him, there are separate things or decisions when carrying out big and beneficial actions for other people and the environment. This also prompted his team to cooperate with Sungai Watch. “I think there’s a certain satisfaction in doing what’s meaningful and right, and it’s very impactful what we care about the most. I understand that hotels generate a lot of waste and I think it’s also our responsibility to at least reduce that impact at the same time,” he added. He continued, Bali is the island we all love. Therefore, the environment should be preserved properly.

Mamaka by Ovolo will continue to grow and care, supporting organizations and make changes for the world, as well as more impact for the environment.