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How to Deal with Moving Countries

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Hannah Scott- Laziest Workaholic

Moving countries is an overwhelming experience from simply packing, to finding a new place to live and leaving everything you know behind. Here are five things you should do to help stay sane once you arrive somewhere new.


It’s the most tedious of jobs especially when you want to go exploring your new city. However, coming back from a day out to a more homely place helps you settle in. It makes the place feel less like a hotel and more like a new home.

Find a calming place to visit

After moving from Australia to Hong Kong I needed to find somewhere with fewer people. Go for a walk or a hike to just enjoy some fresh air. It helps clear the head and put things in perspective. Find a nice place for breakfast or brunch on the weekend and remember to relax.

Make a new friend

Moving can be isolating. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert try to make at least one new friend in the first few days of moving. It makes it easy to be somewhere when you have another person to have face to face conversations with.

Don’t forget your old friends

Just because you moved countries doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep in touch. With Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp and hundreds more, there is no excuse (for both sides) not to stay connected.

Play tourist

When you have to pay rent, do the washing and make it to work on time, it can be easy to fall into a dull routine. Work, home, sleep, repeat. When you arrive somewhere new don’t forget to go do the touristy stuff, take photos and explore your new surroundings.

Before you know it you’ll be settled in with new friends and a new life in a brand new city.


Hannah ScottHannah Scott is a former journalist now based in Hong Kong working in Marketing and Communications. She grew up in Australia with a passion for travel. Taking a chance and moving countries for a new job now you can’t pry her out of the concrete jungle of Hong Kong that she calls home. Follow her adventures on Instagram @HannahRPScott.