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How to Date a Vegan: A Meat-Eaters Guide To Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Sydney

Love is blind, meaning you’ll never know if you’ll end up falling head over heals for a passionate carnivore, life-long vegetarian or dedicated vegan. But have no fear if you, a meat-eater, are wondering where to take a vegan on a date! Dating a vegan is no longer a huge challenge in Sydney, thanks to the impressive amount of vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly restaurants across the city. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of veg hot spots that even you will enjoy, to ultimately prepare you for going on a date with a vegan.

Sydney’s Vegan Pizza:

Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing pizza experience, because Gigi Pizzeria has become famous amongst the vegan community in Sydney for a reason. With a die-hard, cult-like they’re celebrated for making not only some of the best vegan pizza in the city, but some of the best PIZZA in Sydney period. Their wide array of wood-fired plant-based pizzas offer plenty of tasty date night options. You’ll feel in-the-know, enjoy hearty comfort food and guarantee a sure win for your date night location!

Pro tip: Know that they don’t take reservations, so you should show up early and prepare for a worthwhile wait. Enjoy the line, chat it up with your date and prepare yourself for a revolutionary pizza experience at Gigi’s.

Peace. Love. Plants. At Gigi Pizzeria. Photo by @GigiPizzeria

The Best Vegan Burgers:

Trying to plan a date with a vegan but also craving a big, juicy burger?! Let Mary’s be your saving grace! While you may be familiar with their down and dirty burgers served all over Sydney, Mary’s is now offering remarkable vegan burger menu that mirror their regular menu at two of their locations in the CBD: Mary’s CQ and Mary’s Pitt Street. Maybe you can try one of their vegan burgers too and do a taste test to see how it compares to the regular burger and spice up your date.

Pro tip: Mary’s CQ has plenty of seating, but if you’re planning a more casual vegan date night, pop grab-n-go and picnic in the nearby Royal Botanical Gardens.

Juicy, greasy love at Mary’s. Photo by @tomwilkinson__

Sydney’s Only Vegan Bar and Kitchen:

Official Sydney’s first-ever bar and kitchen that is fully plant-based, Alibi has become a beloved hot spot over the past two years for both after-work drinks and phenomenal vegan dinners. We highly recommend planning a date night at the bar, which offers their “Dirty Greens” menu alongside fun, creative cocktails. Feast on Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls, Tacos and Pizza galore that are 100% plant-based. Your vegan date will be happy and so will you, because their Beyond Meat Burger tastes just like the real deal!

Pro Tip-  Are you looking for a booze-free date night? Alibi Bar also has a brilliant mocktail list! Order a Beyond Burger and enjoy a Cucumber Nojito or two, which are made with Silver Princess Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit.

Glorious bar food at Alibi Bar and Kitchen. Photo by @elyssa.hung

Vegan-Friendly Sushi in Sydney:

So you’re feeling a little fishy and are struggling to find a fantastic Japanese spot that offers more than just a cucumber roll for your date. Lucky for you, Sokyo is known for having an entirely separate vegetarian menu offering brilliant plant-based sushi, sashimi and other traditional Japanese dishes. Nestled in Pyrmont, this elegant restaurant is the perfect place for a very fancy meal when you’re eager to impress your vegan date.

Pro-Tip: This is quite a famed Sydney restaurant, so be sure to make a reservation in advance!

Sokyo has a colourful array of vegan, vegetarian and carnivore eats! Photo by @SpooningAust

Best Vegan Brunch Spot in Sydney:

If you’ve done a quick google search of vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Sydney, the odds are that you’ve come across Bodhi. This vegan classic is family-owned by three generations of pan-Asian experts and is beloved by non-veg folks too! Bodhi’s dumplings, buns and house-made faux meat have helped it establish quite a leading reputation across the dining scene in Sydney.

Pro-Tip: If you’re planning a fun daytime date, we recommend reserving a spot for their iconic Saturday Yum Cha brunch. You won’t have to worry about being intimidated by the menu and can instead delight after an incredible sampling of dumplings and buns are brought to you.

Cute buns for you and your date at Bodhi! Photo by @sienapalmer