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How to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival This Year

how to celebrate mid autumn festival this tear

Better known as the holiday of lanterns, glowsticks, and lights, there is never a shortage of beautiful sights to see and delicious treats to eat during this time of year. To say the least, this holiday is suited for everyone with the abundance of things to do (and eat – did I say that already?). 

Here’s a quick list we have compiled to make the most of your Mid-Autumn this year. 

Mooncakes – duh! 

Anyone who knows anything about the holiday knows it’s the time for mooncakes. We’ve taken the liberty to put together a list of the city’s best: 
1) The Peninsula 
2) Four Seasons 
3) Yat Tung Heen 
4) Landmark Mandarin Oriental 
5) Upper House 
6) Shangri-La 

Urban Mid-Autumn Carnival at Victoria Park 

A one-stop-shop for all things Mid-Autumn. Lantern displays, Fire Dragon Dance parade, and many more traditional exhibitions and workshops for you to fully immerse yourself into the holiday. 

Lantern Displays in Victoria Park

Part of the carnival, but so special it deserves its own shout-out. The highlight of the event is always a Lantern Wonderland, in which is signature piece is the winner of a design competition hosted annually by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.  

Tsim Sha Tsui Interactive Lighting Installation 

Near the promenade, this installation is a popular one with locals. It changes every year, but trust us when we say every year is equally as beautiful as the next. With the Hong Kong skyline in the background, it is the perfect way to soak in how special this time of year really is.