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HK EARTH DAY: How to give back to Mother Earth

Jessica Tryde- Local Fitness Nut

You probably know Earth day as “turn-off-your-lights-for-one-hour” day – but actually Earth Day goes way beyond that! Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day is an environmental movement held to support environmental protection.

So yes – that means everything from preserving Natural Parks to (an even bigger yes) protecting the earth from human imbeciles who leave the water running when brushing their teeth (guilty?).

Okay so you’re feeling bad now and want to help – how? Kick off the beginning of what will be your lifelong commitment to saving mother earth with our recommended activities!



You’re a family with kids – go strawberry picking!

photo credit: Mochachocolata-Rita

Turn off your lights, your AC and everything electronic-related and head out to the farms of Hong Kong! Little did you know, Hong Kong is home to a number of great strawberry farms – we’re talking about big ruby strawberries. It’s a fun activity for both parents and kids, not to mention you’ve just landed yourself a great afternoon snack, delish.


For Strawberry Picking, we recommend:


Rainbow Organic Strawberry Farm

Hok Tau Road Tung San Ha Estate Fanling

Kam Tin Country Club Farm

Lot 109 Shui Tau, Kam Tin, Yuen Long




You’re a couple – hit the trails of Hong Kong!

photo credit: Great Outdoors Adventure


Again, turn off your lights, get out of the house, and head out to the outdoors for a full day out! If you haven’t noticed, Hong Kong is filled with mountains, streams and beaches. Spend the day outdoors either trail running Violet Hill + Twin Peaks, stream trekking at Ping Nam Stream or simply basking in the sun at Big Wave Bay (and while you’re there, why not help pick up rubbish – all you need are tongs, gloves and a bag)


P.S. Train up your stamina for next year’s Nat Geo Run #couplegoals


You’re a foodie – try out a new Vegetarian restaurant!



Did you know? Meat consumption is estimated to be responsible for almost 1/5 of gas emissions created by man-made greenhouses! We’re not telling you to give up meat, but perhaps cutback on your meat intake per week! (on the upside, you’re one step closer to a fitter you) And it’s not as hard as you think – munch your way into green Mondays here with delectable vegetarian restaurants:


The Restaurant by The Kinnet – enjoy a delicious health fix for breakfast, lunch or dinner while you dine on the balcony!

3/F, 33 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan


Chi Lin Vegetarian – dine behind a waterfall overlooking one of the most stunning parks of Hong Kong

One Wanchai, G/F 1 Road (inside Old Wanchai Market), Wan Chai


Lock Cha Tea House – because who can says no to vegetarian dim sums!?

G/F, The K.S. Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Park, Admiralty


OVOCafe – delight in organic coffee, vibrant salads in an eco-friendly café

One Wanchai, G/F 1 Road (inside Old Wanchai Market), Wan Chai



You want to give back – Volunteer!


Get hands on this Earth Day and make it a long-term commitment! From planting trees and herbs to translating and writing – there’s something for every type of volunteer.


E-farm: try your hands at caring for animals or growing veggies:


Clean Shorelines – let’s bring back white pristine beaches


Ocean Park Conservation Foundation – for those passionate about wildlife conservation



Tips for becoming more eco-friendly:


  • Avoid buying plastic bags – bring a tote!
  • Bring your own mug or thermos when buying coffee – imagine how much plastic you’re saving
  • Cut down on meat consumption – opt for Green Monday living, it’s actually kind of refreshing
  • Put a timer on everything – AC, dehumidifiers, you name it – you really don’t need it to be on the entire night, so set a timer to reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Recycle, recycle and recycle. Take your rubbish home and sort them out correctly! You can even make it into a fun game with your kids #parentinghacks




Jessica Tryde, born in Australia, bred in Taiwan, is a creative English copywriter living in Hong Kong. Her job includes whipping out creative ideas and digital executions. During her spare time, you’ll find her weight lifting in the gym, training for a gladiatorial bloodbath in a Muay Thai class or attempting to perform a yoga pose. If not working out, you’ll find her mingling with the locals at the wet market or reading at a local Hong Kong café.