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Heung Gong Style – Tropical urban essentials for Hong Kong women

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Arthur Tam

Hong Kong’s unique landscape, fickle weather and extreme contrasts of indoor and outdoor climates can make the daily process of choosing an outfit quite challenging – but not impossible – especially for all the style savvy urban princesses that are usually dressed to the nines. Here are a few essentials that hip, edgy woman of this city can’t leave the home with out.


Shady business

Every queen needs to know how to throw a bit of shade and read a bitch. So, it’s absolutely essential to wear a pair of sunglasses that project attitude and fierceness. A pair of super oversized, electric-coloured lensed frames from Korean brand Gentle Monster exudes that don’t-mess-with-me quality that’s essential to the everyday street look. No matter what you’re wearing you’ll exude an air of swag.

Gentle Monster


Cross body bag

For the longest time, ladies have gravitated toward large and heavy staple bags like the Hermès Kelly, Céline Trapeze or 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli. But, summertime in Hong Kong can be oppressive enough with the humidity weighing you down that you don’t want your bag to do the same. The modern, urban girl would rather go with a cross body chain strap bag that’s durable, light and flirty. Current favourites are the Gucci Sylvie bag that’s adorned with a precious ribbon and the classic Tom Ford Natalia with an eye-catching clasp. For a more affordable, but super stylish bag, drop by HK brand initial to check out their Japanese-inspired street chic items.



Put your back into it

If you need to pack in more items throughout your day, a backpack is the answer for the girl on the run. When you have to deal with an urban landscape that’s on an incline and often pummeled by torrential rainstorms, backpacks offer comfort and versatility.  A staple everyday use backpack would have to be the Chambray double clasp Retreat Herschel. If you need to lug your laptop around, the bag has a cushioned compartment specifically designed for it. If you’re looking for a luxurious upgrade, chic Mid-levels girls wouldn’t be caught without a premium leather, drawstring bag from Loewe or a cute cubic bag from Kara. It’s the hi-lo contrast that says you’re classy, sassy and anything but basic.



Designer sneakers

Hong Kong girls are becoming big ole’sneakerheads just like the boys. Getting the latest pair of runway worthy kicks or limited edition Jordans, not only say that you’re on the nose of fashion, but also that you reject the male patriarchy, which has confined womanhood to heels and other deformity causing footwear for centuries.  If you’re looking for a cool pair of kicks to brace city sidewalks in comfort and with edginess, go for the monochrome chic pair from the recent Ricardo Tisci x NikeLab collaboration.



Arthur TamArthur Tam, a Fashion, LGBTI, Film editor and In-house stylist for Time Out Hong Kong. Former host of From Top to Bottom – Hong Kong’s first LGBTI focused radio programme on RTHK. Basically I’m trying to cover it all. If it has to do with social issues, culture or something that has a sense of intrigue, I’m game to write about it.