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Heung Gong Style – Four essential tips to be that HK cool guy

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Arthur Tam

Men’s fashion has thankfully evolved over the last half decade. Every year, men are becoming a bit more self-aware and conscious that looking like a sloppy, man-spreading, entitled schlump is unacceptable, and represent everything wrong with the notion of masculinity.

We won’t claim that mankind has made drastic changes, but we’re heading in the right direction and there are polished men in Hong Kong who reflect that claim. Also, the fact that the Abercrombie & Fitch store is basically an arid wasteland now and cargo shorts are on an all time low provides some proof.

We’ll call that progress. For the HK guy who wants to look like a super fly guy instead of a self-involved douche, here are four essential tips to come across as a modern gentleman.

Suit up

It comes as no surprise that a suit is an essential. Guys just look better and more sophisticated in them. Take a look at the men from the HK-based high-end bespoke shop, The Armoury and you’ll feel their debonair aura. For something a bit more affordable, head over to Cuffs to get a perfectly fitted shirt and suit for an all-boss look.


For guys with a bit more flair, a double-breasted really highlights a man’s figure – especially if they have a svelte figure. HK men usually like showing a bit of ankle for a bit of European pizazz, but ostensibly it creates an overall more narrow and leaner looking silhouette. But if cute is your thing, a pair of fun, playful socks from Happy Socks can really give your suited look lots of personality.

Right to bare arms

There aren’t very many ways for men to accessorise in comparison to women, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Getting a stylish, sleek and minimalistic watch is the way to go. No need to go high-end or flashy here. It’s all about getting cool designs from HK-based brands like Anicorn or 15squarestreet.


Even if you’re an HK princeling, there is a lot of value in being understated, which often comes off as a bit more classy and tasteful. Less is more. Don’t be shy about adding a few bracelets to go with your watch, though. Stacking with a few bracelets from Monica Vinader can give you that je ne sais quoi, Parisian flair.



No no, we’re not talking about pot. We’re talking about your hair. And yes, we also realise it’s not technically an item, but these days it might as well be. Most of today’s men have ascribed to a precision, razor sharp, barbershop hair cut. Super neat and tight fades and a slicked back top for a scumbag boogie look.

Gone are the days of awful Mong Kok swiped to the side bangs and in comes the man, who isn’t afraid to show his face. One of the best places to get the perfect cut is the Hair House by Adam Chan in Central. All the chic and sleek guys go there to get a new hairstyle.


Athletic beefcake

Yup, it’s all about getting a good bump these days and HK men are really upping their fitness game at the beach in speedos or at the gym in their activewear outfits. Tighter is better and HK guys wouldn’t be caught dead without their running shorts worn over compression tights from 2XU or Under Armour. The preferred colour for the workout top and sneakers is usually some shade of neon to contrast against that golden tan they’ve been working on.

Arthur TamArthur Tam, a Fashion, LGBTI, Film editor and In-house stylist for Time Out Hong Kong. Former host of From Top to Bottom – Hong Kong’s first LGBTI focused radio programme on RTHK. Basically I’m trying to cover it all. If it has to do with social issues, culture or something that has a sense of intrigue, I’m game to write about it.