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Habla Español? 7 Words You Should Know to order Mexican Food!

Who doesn’t love MEXICAN FOOD? But sometimes, ordering at an authentic Mexican restaurant can be challenging without knowing a bit of Spanish. If you never took Spanish 101 in grade school… and your Spanish arsenal stops at “Taco” and “Guacamole”, read on to learn 7 essential words and phrases to save some embarrassment next time you’re at an authentic Mexican restaurant.

  1. Queso – Cheese; If you like anything and everything with cheese, this is word is a must-remember. Queso Fundido is a popular Mexican dish of hot melted cheese. Served with tortilla chips, it’s the perfect starter or a party snack!     
  2. Tostada – Same same, but different. Many people get tacos and tostadas confused due to their similar appearance. Tostadas are made with fried or toasted flat tortilla, whilst most traditional tacos are made with soft shell tortillas. Pictured above is Te Quiero Mucho’s “Octopus ‘in love’” tostada, garnished with seasonal veggies, charred onion powder, avocado, and chipotle mayo.


  1. Chipotle – No, we’re NOT talking America’s favourite fast-food chain. But we’re quite sure their name was inspired by the original Mexican word – Chipotle – meaning “smoked, dried chili”. The chili serves as a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine throughout many salsas and sauces. If you’re into spicy food, “chipotle” might be the word you’re looking for in a Mexican menu!


  1. Carne Asada – Carne Asada directly translates to “Meat Roasted,” but 99% of the time refers to a specific Mexican dish of thinly sliced grilled skirt steak. The iconic carnivore dish is transformed into a taco creation at Te Quiero Mucho. The Wagyu beef on the tortilla is generously topped with pico de gallo, zingy Macha sauce, and chestnut puree.


  1. Al Pastor (tacos al pastor) – Al Pastor, directly translated to “Shepherd style”, refers to the traditional taco made with shawarma or spit-grilled pork. The iconic taco exhibits the Middle Eastern influence in Mexican cuisine in the early 20th century – a timewhen a wave of Lebanese immigrants entered Mexico.


  1. Carnitas – in Spanish means, “little meats” and often refers to a classic taco made with Mexican-style pulled pork. The meat is slow-cooked until tender to make sure the meat is served soft and juicy.


  1. Cervaza – You can’t go eating all this food without a beer! Look for the “cervaza” section to find the perfect thirst quencher. Some of our favorite Mexican beers include Pacifico and Modelo Negra.