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Got What It Takes to be A MOJO NOMAD? Take the Quiz!

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. When the rest of us mere mortals are just happy to sit back and shake our fists at gyms with never-ending contracts, or lack of delivery service from our favourite restaurants, entrepreneurs see opportunity.

They love a good challenge. Like an athlete, the words NO and IMPOSSIBLE just make entrepreneurs laugh and show you just what they’re made of.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about making something new; it’s a way of life. If the words: “Just one more tweak to that fundraising proposal and I’ll come to bed babe” rolls off your tongue, you know you’ve got the bug.

But being an entrepreneur can be tough. Ovolo Group understands this, and it’s why they’ve started the MOJO NOMAD initiative.

Through the program, entrepreneurs are given the tools to work hard and play hard in one of the most creative-fuelled environments around; making them the cosmopolitan MOJO NOMADs Ovolo calls them. But not everyone is cracked out enough to join this tribe.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Try out the simple quiz below and find out how much of a young at heart, business savvy, risk taking NOMAD you really are:

1. I’ll usually start a new project…

a. The minute I have a spark of inspiration

b. When I’ve consulted my parents, partner and the local psychic down the street

c. When my boss tells me to do so

2.“Thinking outside the box” to me means…

a. Applying other people’s results to my own project for success

b. Spending a party night out at Club 7-11

c. Looking at the outside of a box

3. If I won HK$1,000,000 tomorrow, I would…

a.Quit my job, and get that dream business project off the ground

b. Donate half and spend the rest on shoes (‘cause why not?)

c. Take that dream safari trip I’ve been talking about since, forever!

4.When I think about the future, I see…

a. Limitless opportunities waiting for me take themd

b. A dinner bill equal to my monthly salary

c. Retirement: Because that’s the only way I’m getting out of this job

5.The most important decision I recently made was…

a. What would be my lasting contribution to the world

b. Which bar was I going to spend Saturday night

c. Reduced-fat or Regular milk?


Answer a = 3; b = 2; c = 1

If you scored:

12 – 15 points: Congratulations, you’ve got what it takes to be a NOMAD! Your passion for being creative and dedication to hard work will serve you well in the MOJO NOMAD community.

8 – 11 points: You’ve got the makings of a NOMAD, but you’ve still got a bit to go. Maybe you just haven’t found that spark of inspiration yet? Don’t worry, make visit to MOJO NOMAD, and you’re sure to discover that golden opportunity.

3 – 7 points: Don’t quit your day job mate