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Getting around Sydney – A Rundown of your Transport Options

Jay Martin – The Veggo Adventurer

Sydney is a really big city, not only in population but also in terms of land area. While the trip from the airport in Mascot to a hotel in the city may be the longest inner-city journey for many of visitors here, for those who need to get around suburbia, the transport options can be daunting.

The land area of Sydney is so large, that a trip in a car from one side of the city to the other can take well over an hour. Thinking about using public transport for the same trip? Expect to spend over 2 hours making the same journey.

“Below is a short breakdown of Sydney’s transport options to help you get on your way, faster.


sydney taxi

Sydney’s taxis are a fast and convenient way to get around town, except during peak hour when you’d almost be better off walking. If you need to get somewhere quickly, in comfort, or have lots of luggage, taxis are a good option. Like most things in Sydney however, they’re not cheap. Expect to pay around $50 to get from Sydney Airport to the CBD, which is around a 10-kilometer journey.



For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year, Uber is an app that connects people looking for transport to private drivers willing to give them a lift. Uber is illegal in Australia but that hasn’t stopped the company from enjoying major success stealing customers from the taxi companies here. Cheaper fares are the main draw card for new users. Check them out at

Trains & Buses

All of Sydney’s public transport can be accessed using an Opal card. This includes trains, buses, light rail and ferries. If you’re going to be in Sydney for a while, purchase one of these to save you time and money. Click here to find your nearest Opal card retailer.

sydney_trainsydney bus
Due to the size of Sydney and its extensive rail and bus network, using public transport here can be confusing. Instead of trying to work out the best route yourself, consult Transport NSW’s online Trip Planner. Simply input your starting point and destination and it will give you a detailed list of your transport options. Public transport in Sydney is reasonably priced and the buses and trains are usually fairly clean.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the beautiful city!

jayJay Martin was born in Brisbane, Australia, but has spent his life traversing the world in search of excitement and freedom. From tearing up the slopes in Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand to backpacking across Europe and living the high-life in Asia, there’s always a new challenge on the horizon for this intrepid adventurer.

After graduating from the University of Queensland with a BBM (Marketing), and working at a few advertising agencies, Jay went out to start his own digital marketing firm. Assisting other businesses build their brands through the development of interesting and exciting content has helped him fine-tune his own passion for writing.

He is currently based between Hong Kong and Australia, with his job allowing him the freedom to travel and work from wherever his next escapade begins- as long as they have internet there.