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Game, set, match!

Alex De Minaur

Australian tennis sensation Alex de Minaur relocated from Sydney to Europe at the young age of 12, driven by the dream of making a mark in the world of tennis. Fast forward and the 24-year-old spends his time traveling the world competing, gracing tennis courts around the world, with Melbourne serving as a special pit stop during the Australian Open, where he chooses Ovolo South Yarra as his home away from home.

De Minaur became one of the top 10 players in the world, days before he returned to Melbourne to compete in this year’s Australian Open. He has a soft spot for South Yarra, where he has based himself over the last seven years, staying with us for the second year in a row. De Minaur enjoys staying at Ovolo South Yarra “It’s a super private place. If you want to go out there and enjoy some company, it’s next door to all these different restaurants and vibey places. But also, they make you feel at home, which is very nice,” the tennis player says.

As he gets ready for the Open, De Minaur highlights the significance of strength, conditioning, and mental readiness. Thanks to its close location to the grounds, Ovolo South Yarra is the ideal spot for early mornings and late nights during intense days on the court.

Our commitment to creating memorable experiences extends beyond the tennis court, and it’s always an honor to host the tennis legend. Alex de Minaur’s dedication, skill, and passion mirror the values cherished by our team at Ovolo Hotels, making every moment spent with him a testament to the extraordinary experiences we always offer.