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Game Changing Hospitality Concept Mojo Nomad To Open In the Heart Of Hong Kong

Ovolo Hotels

This month, Mojo Nomad Central, a groundbreaking concept that turns the traditional hotel model completely on its head will start taking shape in the heart of Hong Kong on Queens Road Central – think micro-hotel, share accommodation and co-working all-in-one. This is the second evolution for the disruptive Mojo Nomad brand by the internationally acclaimed Ovolo Hotel Group. Already open and thriving in up-and-coming Aberdeen, Mojo Nomad’s newest location gives dynamic travellers unparalleled access to the city centre, and promises to electrify the iconic neighbourhood.

The first of its kind in the region, combining contemporary design, co-working and luxuriously compact private and shared accommodation, Mojo Nomad paves the way for a new type of value-driven design hospitality. Mojo Nomad hotels offer imaginative environments that encourage guests to connect with new people, ideas and holistic experiences, uniting them within stylish communal spaces. Surrounded by gripping interiors and art, the senses are invigorated and an inimitable atmosphere of engaging like-mindedness is created.

Mojo Nomad Central taps into a thriving demographic of explorers with a true zest for life, addressing the changing demands and needs of the ever-evolving modern traveller. The hotel offers rooms ranging from size S to XL, with two eclectic sharing room options for those looking to be inspired by others on their travels. Keeping with the brand’s commitment to integrating the latest in technology, value-added services, functionality and design, each room is equipped with multiple USB and traditional plug sockets, as well as handy international adaptors, whilst shared rooms are kitted out with individual televisions and blue tooth headphone capabilities.  A residential space on the property’s second floor is serviced by a dedicated refreshments bar, providing a stimulating flexible-use space in which to work, while working out takes place in the third floor gym, complete with TRX, punching bags, yoga matts and more.

And there’s more! A buzzing two-story Mexican eatery, Te Quiero Mucho, will serve up vibrant sharing-style plates and zingy margaritas alongside a broad selection of artisanal tequilas. The bar, which also serves at the hotel’s reception desk, is punctuated with eye-catching neon, a reflection of the high octane experience that lies ahead at TQM.

Mojo Nomad will open in the second quarter of 2018, with Grand Opening taking place this autumn.