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Fun 2 Person Activities To Do During Restrictions

afternoon tea

Nobody said that just because we’re restricted to two’s, that we can’t still have fun. With the weather picking back up, this is the perfect time to get a little closer with someone and get to know them on a deeper level – large friend groups are out the window and intimate friendly dates are in. We’ve got some fun 2 person activities to do in Hong Kong while restrictions remain up. 


Practical hiking tips to explore Hong Kong's trails | Hong Kong Tourism  Board

If you haven’t already, check out our recent Silver Egg about 5 obscure hikes to beat the crowd. Hiking in Hong Kong is an absolute no-brainer. When you’re surrounded by so much natural terrain it’s impossible not to feel the urge to hike, especially on a day with beautiful blue skies. But with the current wave, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the less frequented trails, and ensure you’re not hiking yourself into a cluster of people. 

Afternoon Tea

Best Afternoon Teas in HK : 33 Places To Try in March 2022.

Dining out may have taken a bit of a back seat after dining restrictions came into play, and while some have turned to brunches to get their fix, you can’t forget about the mid-afternoon treat. Afternoon tea is a good way to treat yourself to some tasty and indulgent bites, which of course must be enjoyed alongside great wine and great company. 


8 best spots to go kayaking in Hong Kong | Localiiz

Where better to stay socially distanced than on the ocean? Rent a one person kayak or go tandem with a buddy and kayak yourself to quiet, peaceful isolation (no we’re not talking about Penny’s Bay). Whether it’s Stanley, Sai Kung, or even Cheung Chau, take this chance to head out without the worry of immensely sweating while you burn under the summer sun. 


HarbourChill officially opens in Wan Chai (with photos)

Despite being a “concrete jungle”, Hong Kong actually has plenty of green space. So build yourself a fun little picnic basket, grab a friend, and settle down, because this is the new “dining out”. Picnicking is a gem of an activity that is often forgotten with how busy Hong Kong gets normally. Head to the HarbourChill, the new-ish Wanchai harbourfront, Tamar Park, or Sun Yat Sun Memorial Park, and more to relax and soak in the scenery. 

Learn New Recipes 

How to get Started as a Home Cook | ACTIVE

2 person activities don’t have to be limited to being outdoors. Stay in the safety of your home and invite a friend or your partner to learn some new recipes and whip up the best meal you’ve ever made, together. This new skill will have you coming out of restrictions a chef. Just ensure you’re sticking to the two households rule! 

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