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#ForTheLoveOfArt Series: Interview With Woolloomooloo’s Clock Creator

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When we think about telling time, we’re usually only after one bit of information: Time.

Simple right? You look at a clock or watch, maybe even ask that hottie sitting next to you on the train, then quickly go back to whatever you were doing (unless you decide to hit on that hottie).

But what if the instrument used for telling time was elevated?

You already see it with things like the Apple iWatch, where your wrist doesn’t just tell time anymore, but also answers your phone, tracks your heart rate and maybe in the future becomes your 24-hour therapist!

Telling time still consists of one, main purpose. But even that’s now boring, and a clever group of artists aim to change that, and have transformed time-telling from just function, into an art form.

Humans Since 1982 a design firm founded in 2009 and based in Sweden, was recently interviewed on the out-of-this-world AMT 128 kinetic art clock they designed for Ovolo Woolloomooloo.

Ovolo Group’s CEO & Founder Girish Jhunjhnuwala discovered a similar clock during a trip to Europe, and wanted to bring technology that also functioned as art into Ovolo’s newest Sydney hotel. Made from black Corian and 128 interconnected aluminium clock hands, the clock is a showstopper by any definition.

Discussing the background and the design process for the clock, dubbed the “A Million Times” project, was Humans Since 1982’s Founder & Director, Bastian Bischoff. Read his story below, and wait till you see the clock in action!

So where did the inspiration for A Million Times come from?

Through the art of dance and music. Time is everything in these two genres. The precision of time makes a world of difference to the pace of a song or dance movement. We took this is as our inspiration, and first started off by playing around with animated type fonts made out of clocks , and then taking things to a whole new level with the help of our CTO David Cox, in making our first real prototype – a series of real interconnected clocks.

We wanted to play with time, and make the clock something people would spend more than 0.5 seconds looking at.

Bastian Beschoff
Bastian Beschoff; Co-Founder of Humans Since 1982

What’s the General Reaction Been from Users?

Three letters: O.M.G

People are blown away by the movement of the clock. It brings a sense of emotion that’s hard to put in words. When we showed the piece at Design Miami in 2013, the crowds’ faces said it all.

How Many Pieces Currently Exist?

There’s only about 20 clocks in the world, and Ovolo Woolloomooloo is home to the only one in Australia.

What Was the Production Process Like for the AMT 128 Clock?

It took almost 4 months to develop and finalize. We produced it in Sweden and then worked with a transport company specialised in handling art to move it over to Sydney. Our CTO David then went down to Sydney to help local technicians install the clock and train the staff on it.

What’s the Lifespan of the Clock?


Clock in Production

A VERRRRY long one. The Clock uses stepper motors similar to the ones in cars and planes. Maintenance is modular and very easy to handle.


Per Emanuelsson; Co-Founder of Humans Since 1982

What’s the Clock Connection Like with Ovolo Woolloomooloo?

When you enter the hotel, you’re automatically greeted by the clock in the lobby. It catches your eye and I think excites you for what else is in store at the property. It’s an honour to have the hotel as the first home for our clock in Australia.

See the clock in action at the link below, and stop by to see it live on your next visit to Sydney!

Ovolo Woolloomooloo AMT 128 Clock in Action

Can’t make it to Sydney but wanna catch the clock in real-life action?

Humans Since 1982 will be having two solo exhibitions this Spring at:
Dillon Gallery – New York
Kate MacGarry Gallery – London
To learn more about Humans Since 1982, CLICK HERE

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