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Feast And Flourish For Spring

As of 14 September, flora fiends and pollen punters have been sniffing around Canberra’s Commonwealth Park. With the spring season just beginning, we’ve heard word that they’re predicting a wide-spread Floriade fever, piquing the interest of the nation until 13 October.


While the official Floriade program is jam packed with tours, workshops, to hone your skills from gardening to cooking, photography (see full program here), Ovolo Nishi are offering a Floriade experience taking guests back to basics; to sit back and smell the flowers.


We’re all about making the most of the moment, so guests are encouraged to take in Floriade’s fields of blooms with a picnic in the park for two, before planting themselves after a day of taking in a World in Bloom to kick back with a refreshing botanical cocktail at Monster Kitchen & Bar.


Take to the park with your picnic bundle and blanket, smell the roses, daises, tulips and all other kinds of glorious blooms, before sitting down to a delicious Lunch Box from the team at Monster Kitchen. There’ll be no lunch box bartering of your matching buffalo mozzarella sandwiches with pesto and a couple of sumptuous white chocolate profiteroles.


As the sun sets over Lake Burley Griffin, head back to Monster Bar where the team have concocted the perfect botanical tipple to quench your sun induced thirst – a spring cocktail of gin and juice. Elderflower liquor sets the subtle tone of this cocktail to moderate the zing of citrus from lime juice and gin, with a sweet addition of raspberry syrup and a dash of soda water.


It’s the season of new beginnings, why not feast and flourish in a field of flowers. Check out the package here.