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Explore Sydney’s Art Scene

Explore Sydney’s Art Scene

Kaleidoscopic art scenes and stories in Sydney bring you unique and immersive experiences. Let’s see which scene you should never miss, and get ready for your memorable artistic journey from contemporary galleries to street art alley!

Sydney Gallery and Museum: Where Art Comes Alive!

Want to visit galleries and museums? The Art Gallery of New South Wales has a rich collection of Australian and international art; if you are interested in Chinese contemporary art, visit the White Rabbit Gallery; or explore contemporary masterpieces at the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art. In addition, Carriageworks is a multidisciplinary art space converted from a railway workshop. It is a place for exhibitions, performances and installations.

Admission fee and way to go to the galleries and museums:

  • The Art Gallery of New South Wales: 8 mins on foot | Free entrance
  • Australian Museum of Contemporary Art: 24 mins on foot | Free entrance
  • White Rabbit Gallery: 30 mins transporting | Free entrance

Where can you reach these places with such a short distance? Stay in the hub!

Time to Instagram: Sydney Graffiti

Collect your lovely images in RedfernSurry Hills, and Newtown. It goes beyond conventional art galleries and displays the incredible inventiveness of the city. Wander through elaborate graffiti and lifelike paintings while carrying a camera. You can also join a street art tour to learn about the local art community and hear the stories behind the pieces.

Sydney Opera House: Performing Arts Galore

Dress up, ladies and gentlemen! Immerse in a live performance from local and international artists to create an unforgettable symphony. The iconic Sydney Opera House is a testament to architectural brilliance and hosts world-class performances, including opera, ballet, theatre, and music concerts. Catch a show by the Sydney Theatre Company, known for its captivating productions, or immerse yourself in contemporary theatre at Belvoir Street Theatre. Remember not to dress too casually. Smart casual is preferred to show your respect for the performance and venue.

Sydney Festival

Surround yourself with artistic joy at Vivid Sydney, a festival that transforms the city into an illuminated wonderland. Let’s enjoy live music together in beautiful lights! You can also go to the Sydney Festival. There, multiple venues present a rich theatre, music, dance, and visual arts program, celebrating the diverse artistic talent in and around the city. Also, don’t miss the Biennale of Sydney, a world-renowned contemporary art exhibition showcasing thought-provoking work by artists worldwide.

Art Studios: Where Inspiration Blooms

Support for artistic creation is coming to ChippendaleMarrickville, and Alexandria. It is the vibrant center of Sydney’s arts scene and home to artists’ communities and studios. You can glimpse the art-making process, witness their work in progress, interact with local artists, and learn about their inspirations. Immerse yourself in the energy of these neighborhoods and purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of art to take home as a souvenir of your art journey.

Sydney’s art scene perfectly blends imagination, creativity and cultural expression. From galleries and museum halls to bustling streets with street art, the city offers everyone a rich and immersive art experience. That’s why Ovolo Woolloomooloo is here to help you prepare for your exciting journey, allowing you to start exploring Sydney’s artistic canvas from one convenient and comfortable location.

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