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Dry February is the new Dry January

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So, you failed Dry January, join the club. Look it’s not easy just off the back of the festive season, we get it. First, there’s the Christmas office party, then there’s Christmas with the in-laws, then you need a boozy vacation just to recover from Christmas. No one’s blaming you. But we’re here to tell you five reasons why you should give it another crack in February.  

#1 Start the year off with a bang  

With every new year comes new resolutions. Start the year off with a bang ticking off your resolutions and goals with all the new energy you’ll find yourself with. It’s no secret alcohol disrupts your natural sleep pattern. This causes your brain to be overactive and spend longer in the ‘REM’ stage when it really should be resting.  

Skip the booze and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep. You deserve it.  

#2 New You, New Glow 

Studies conducted by the Priory Group found drinking 6 glasses of wine, meant losing 19-24 glasses of water. Hydration (from water) proves to increase physical performance, relieve headaches and help maintain your skin’s elasticity. In other words, you’ll be positively glowing.  

Say goodbye to the hangover, and hello to your new glow.  

#3 Goodbye Christmas Ham  

The same study found 7 pints of beer (one a day) to be the equivalent to 1456 calories. That’s the equivalent to two McDonalds Double McChicken burgers.  Now that doesn’t sound too bad right?  

Well according to, for a 35-year-old female who is 170 cm tall and weighs 65 kg, that’s 119 minutes of swimming, 164 minutes of jogging, or 219 minutes of cycling to lose just those two burgers.  

Skip the burger and take the run with your newfound energy and hydration. 

#4 Think of your wallet 

As the infamous Tiger King once said, “I will never financially recover from this”. No, he wasn’t talking about Christmas but there’s nothing quite like the festive season to run you completely dry. Let Dry February help you recover financially.  

Let’s say you buy a bottle of wine for the week ($25) and then have a few after work drinks on Friday ($30). That’s a minimum of fifty dollars a week on alcohol, and $200 a month.  

That’s 18 weeks of membership with Netflix! 

#5 Think of future you 

Studies found those who partook in Dry January lowered their alcohol intake year-round due to the increased health benefits they found when they stopped. Additionally, participants partook in more activities and established better long-term routines and relationships. Christmas shopping didn’t hurt their wallet as much from all the monthly savings. Lastly, think of future you by boosting your immune system.  

You can do it; we believe in you.  

*Ovolo recommends talking to your local GP surrounding the health benefits specific to you and your body.