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How To Do Your Own Gel Nails

Whether your nails are overgrown or as stubby as a 13 year old boy’s, we can all agree on one thing: it’s getting out of hand (pun intended). In times like these, you can count on no one but yourself, so scroll on through to learn how to do impressive gel nails yourself.

  1. Gather your things and go – you’ll need cuticle oil, a nail buff, top/base coat, your gel polish, and a UV lamp (duh)
  2. Shape of you – cut, file, and repeat. Until you get your desired shape.
  3. Slidin’ on that oil –  lather it on. The side, on top, and all over your nail beds. Just make sure to clean up before you gel.
  4. Buff baby – buff your entire nail from side to side. If you don’t, your oils will build up. And we don’t want that.
  5. It’s all about that base – put on a layer of base coat, and stick it under the UV light for 30 seconds.
  6. Paint your pretty picture – pick a color, and paint! Between each coat, give it some UV light and repeat until you get the result you want.
  7. Room at the top – finish off with some top coat and one last round under the light.